Northern Navigators Orienteering Club



Invite you to a Regional event inc Yvette Baker Trophy Round 1 at

Bishop Auckland Park

Sunday, 6th May 2018


F I N A L   D E T A I L S


Travel :The event will be 'O' signed from the market place (North Bondgate) in Bishop Auckland town centre, grid ref NZ211301, nearest postcode DL14 7NX.
Parking :

Along river side road to the north of the town, grid ref NZ213305, nearest post code DL14 7QG.

Parking is limited with some cars parking adjacent to registration along the riverside road, with an overflow a little further along the road across a small bridge. Please take care in the vicinity of the bridge.

Registration :

from 10.00 - 12.00, with starts from 10.30 - 12.30.

The route to the start is under the small road bridge then about a further 230m into the park.

Note competitors in the YBT from the same club on the same course must start at least 4 minutes apart.

Courses :

Yellow, Orange, Light Green, Green, Blue, Short Brown

The YBT is contested over the Yellow to Green courses - a copy of the rules can be found here.

Fees :Senior (aged 21 and over) - £6

Junior (aged 20 and under) + students - £2

School children (up to age 16) - £1.

Pre-entry :There is NO pre-entry for this event. Entry on the day only - first come first served.
EPS :This event will use the EMIT 'Touch Free' electronic system. E-tags will be available free of charge on the day, but competitors will be charged for any loss. Unlike previous systems the E-tag is worn much like a wrist watch and needs to be passed within about 10-15cm of the control box, there is a small red LED on the E-tag which flashes for about 10 seconds indicating a successful pass. It will be your responsibility to check - do not try to pass the control too fast. There is no clear station for this system. The E-tag is cleared at the start control and stopped at the finish. There will be a sample control near registration for you to see the E-tag in action. Instruction in the use of the system will be available on the day. Lost or non-returned E-tags will be charged at £60.
Map :1:5000 with 5m contours (A4), symbols to ISOM2007, redrawn and resurveyed by Rob McKenna 2016 using LIDAR data and updated for this event. Area last used March 2017. Maps will be printed on waterproof paper - they will be overprinted with controls and descriptions. The Short Brown course will have back to back maps.
Control desc :

will be on the front of the map. They will be in written format for Yellow and Orange courses, but pictorial for Light Green to Short Brown. They can be downloaded here (loose descriptions will be available on the day). Click here for a copy of the IOF pictorial control descriptions.

The are two special symbols used in the pictorial control descriptions - an 'X' represents a 'Post', an 'O' represents a 'Manhole'.

Terrain :A mixture of rough pasture and open park land in the grounds of the Prince of Bishops Palace. The Bishops Palace / Castle provides a beautiful backdrop to the event and the area has some novel features including a deer sanctuary, small obelisk, old fish ponds and an ice house. The going is very fast, but beware of the large map scale which may be a bit misleading at first.

Note - a new temporary track has been installed which runs from the wall along side the river (adjacent to parking) up to the Palace - this consists of some heavy duty, studded, grey plastic plating which can be awkward to run on - it is shown on the map as a standard vehicle track. Please take care if travelling along or crossing it. The track has some small sections of medium high wooden fencing which has been positioned to protect some of the trees.

Facilities :Limited toilet, sorry there will be no water at the finish, please bring your own supply.
Dogs :Allowed under control in the parking area, but not on the courses (there may be sheep grazing in the grounds).
Results :Full results will be posted on the NN website -

If you require a paper copy of the results, please leave your details at registration with 50p to cover postage.

Officials :Organiser - Boris Spence, tel: 01670 860897, email
 Planner - Rob McKenna
 Controller - Julian Warren (NN)
Thanks :We are grateful to The Auckland Castle Trust for allowing us to use their grounds.
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