Northern Navigators Orienteering Club



invite you to an Urban event at

Richmond Town

on Sunday, 14th July 2019


F I N A L   D E T A I L S


Travel :

Registration and start is at Richmond School, off the main A6108 trunk road through Richmond, at grid ref NZ180014, nearest postcode DL10 7BQ. Parking will use the overflow car park, which is accessible through the main car park and then round to the left.

Registration :

from 10.30 - 12.30, with starts from 11.00 - 1.00.

Courses :(in line with NEOA guidelines for urban events)
 Course 1 -(7.2km, 190m)Men Open, Veteran Men (40+)
 Course 2 -(5.8km, 180m)Super Vet men (55+)Women Open, Veteran Women (40+)
 Course 3 -(4.5km, 110m)Ultra Vet Men (65+)Super Vet Women (55+)
 Course 4 -(3.9km, 95m)Hyper Vet Men (75+)Ultra Vet Women (65+), Hyper Vet Women (75+)
 Course 5 -(2.7km, 40m)M16 and underW16 and under
 Course 6 -(1.8km, 20m)M12 and underW12 and under
 Note - courses 5 & 6 stay mainly within the school grounds, to avoid non traffic calmed roads.
Fees :

Senior (aged 21 and over) - £7

Junior (aged 20 and under) + students (on courses 1-4) - £3

Junior (aged 20 and under) + students (on courses 5-6) - £2

Pre-entry :There is NO pre-entry for this event. Entry on the day only - first come first served.
EPS :This event will use the EMIT TFP (Touch-Free Pro) electronic system. The Pro system is more reliable than the standard training boxes and can be passed faster. E-tags will be available free of charge on the day, but competitors will be charged for any loss. Unlike previous systems the E-tag is worn much like a wrist watch and needs to be passed within about 10-15cm of the control box, there is a small red LED on the E-tag which flashes for about 10 seconds indicating a successful pass - it will be your responsibility to check. There is no clear station for this system. The E-tag is cleared at the start control and stopped at the finish. There will be a sample control near registration for you to see the E-tag in action. Instruction in the use of the system will be available on the day. Lost or non-returned E-tags will be charged at £55.
Map & area :Richmond (kindly loaned to us by Phill Batts) - Scale 1:4000, 5m contours, symbols to ISSOM2007, surveyed and drawn by Phill Batts (CLOK). Maps will only have a limited legend. The map is currently A3 in size (final size pending final planning), will be printed on waterproof paper and have the courses overprinted.
Control desc :will be in written format for Course 6, but pictorial for all other courses. Click here for a copy of the IOF pictorial control descriptions.
Facilities :The school has kindly allowed us the use of their toilet facilities - details from registration. First aid at registration. Sorry there will be no water at the finish, please bring your own supply.
Dogs :Dogs will NOT be allowed on the school grounds, please make alternative parking arrangements.
Results :Full results will be posted on the NN website -

If you require a paper copy of the results, please leave your details at registration with 50p to cover postage.

Officials :Organiser - Nigel Wright, tel: 0191 6499036, email
 Planner - Debby Warren
 Controller - Mike Edwards (RAFO)