Northern Navigators Orienteering Club



Invite you to a local event at

Hamsterley Cabin Hill, Doctors Gate and Gull Quarry

Sunday, 31st March 2019


F I N A L   D E T A I L S


Travel :The event will be signed from Wolsingham, Co.Durham, at the junction of the A689 and the minor road running south to Hamsterley, grid ref NZ074372. On leaving the Hamsterley road at grid ref NZ073356, the road becomes narrow for about 1.5km, please show courtesy to residents coming the other way.
 Parking is not in Hamsterley Forest - please do not make your way there.
Parking :Parking is along a track leading up to the moorland and will be close to registration, start and finish. Access to the track is through a gate at grid ref NZ072337, nearest postcode DL13 3NT. If the gate is unattended then please ensure that is left closed.
Registration :from 10.00 - 12.00. If you have your BOF number handy it will speed up the process.
Starts :from 10.30 - 12.30, courses close 2.30.
 Remember clocks go forward 1 hour at 1am Sunday morning.
Pre-entry :There is NO pre-entry for this event. Entry on the day only - first come first served.
Courses :

Yellow, Orange, Light Green, Short Green, Green, Blue, Brown.


Note there will be a short taped section on the Yellow courses marked on the map in dotted.

Fees :Seniors (aged 21 and over) - £6;    Juniors (aged 20 and under) + students - £2;    Schoolchildren (up to age 16) - £1.
Start / finish :The start will be approximately 120m from registration, past the gate leading out onto the moor. The finish will be near the gate.
EPS :This event will use the EMIT TFP (Touch-Free Pro) electronic system. The Pro system is more reliable than the standard training boxes and can be passed faster. E-tags will be available free of charge on the day, but competitors will be charged for any loss. Unlike previous systems the E-tag is worn much like a wrist watch and needs to be passed within about 10-15cm of the control box, there is a small red LED on the E-tag which flashes for about 10 seconds indicating a successful pass - it will be your responsibility to check. There is no clear station for this system. The E-tag is cleared at the start control and stopped at the finish. There will be a sample control near registration for you to see the E-tag in action. Instruction in the use of the system will be available on the day. Lost or non-returned E-tags will be charged at £55.
Map :Cabin Hill, Doctors Gate & Gull Quarry - Scale 1:10000, 5m contours, map size A4, drawn by D.Caudwell 2007, updated to ISOM2017 and minor mods by R.McKenna for this event. Area last used October 2014. Maps will have courses overprinted on waterproof paper - if you require further protection please supply your own bag. Yellow course maps will be available from registration - all other course maps will be issued at the start. A blank map will be available to view at registration and in the start lane.
Terrain :The terrain comprises open managed heather moorland of variable runability, with several old quarries providing intricate contour detail. The moor is mostly a mosaic of burnt and short heather but there are patches of deeper heather in the quarried areas and lower slopes. The area is generally fairly fast.
Safety :Doctors Gate is an exposed moor lying at about 350m above sea level. Please come prepared - cagoules may be compulsory and whistles should be carried. Lone competitors are advised to leave contact details at registration.
Control desc :Control descriptions will be will be on the front of the map and will be in written format for Yellow and Orange courses, all the other courses will be in pictorial format. They are available to download here. Click here for a copy of the IOF pictorial control descriptions.

There is one special symbol used in the control descriptions - an 'X', which represents a shooting board.

Facilities :Limited toilet tent, first aid at registration. Sorry there will be no water at the finish, please bring your own supply.
Dogs :Sorry, but there will be NO dogs allowed at this event - there will be sheep grazing nearby and on the moor.
 However, competitors with dogs may be able to park before the track leading up to the moor - they must not bring them past the St John's Hall junction. The head gamekeeper for the Estate lives in the cottages at the bottom of the track leading up to the moor. Shooting is a very important business for this estate and this event is at a time when the stock of breeding birds is about to nest.
Results :Individual split times will be available at the download station on the day. Full results will be posted on the NN website -
 If you require a paper copy of the results, please leave your details at registration with 50p to cover postage.
Officials :Organiser - Boris Spence, tel: 01670 860897, email
 Planner - Jeneba Hampshire-Wright
 Controller - Julian Warren (NN)