District event at
      Sunday, 5th March 2006

KEY: m - control missed, f - controls found, w - control wrong

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Follow this link for a photo gallery of the Green course (courtesy of Bob Johnson)

YELLOW - 1.4km, 25m, 7 controls	SPLITS						
1. Sam Garratt		M8	CLOK	16:47		
2. Kate Rowley		W14	ind	26:35		
3. Hannah Clark		W13	EBOR	26:41		
4. Jacqueline Marley		W40	ind	28:03		
5. Elizabeth Dean		W6	CLOK	32:40
6. Eloise Wright		W10	CLOK	33:05
     ---------------  colour line  ---------------
7. Brooke Bentham+1		W10	NATO	36:10
8. Aoife Lakey		W6	NATO	40:22
9. Joshua Boyles		M6	NATO	47:57
10. Livia Wright		W4	CLOK	48:43
11. Veronica Miller		W21	NATO	52:48
12. Cameron Martin		M5	CLOK	73:14

ORANGE - 2.2km, 50m, 9 controls	SPLITS						
1. Chris Iredale		M12	ind	44:14		
2. Jonathan Lakey		M10	NATO	49:57		
3. Eleanor Raymond		W12	NATO	50:33		
4. Megan Malley		W12	EBOR	50:43		
5. Alison Malley		W40	EBOR	53:27		
6. Sarah Henry		W21	UNOC	58:00		
7. Pat Malley		W65	NATO	59:27		
8. Lewis Scrafton		M14	ind	64:54		
     ---------------  colour line  ---------------
9. Elaine Clarke		W50	NATO	68:37		
Retired / disqualified
    Eleanor Fountain		W21	UNOC	131:26	m5	
    Gary Scrafton		M50	ind	??.??	faulty card	

LIGHT GREEN - 3.3km, 60m, 9 controls	SPLITS						
1. Alan Morgan		M70	NN	55:36		
2. Jamie Bentham		M16	NATO	59:21		
3. Avis Armer		W60	BL	60:18		
4. Bill Hodgson		M60	CLOK	66:18		
5. Ben Lester		M21	ind	67:43		
6. Judith Robb		W60	CLOK	73:37		
7. Gill Hardy		W65	CLOK	78:56		
8. Alana Wright		W14	CLOK	82:49		
9. Alison Hodgson		W55	CLOK	85:58		
10. Rosemary Mason		W55	NATO	87:40		
11. Celia Dean		W45	CLOK	91:58		
12. Christopher Lakey		M14	NATO	93:31		
     ---------------  colour line  ---------------
13. Ian Smith		M75	NATO	98:45		
14. Annette Egan		W50	NATO	103:44		
15. Joan Adamson		W55	CLOK	111:15		
16. Andy Clarke		M45	NATO	139:49		
Retired / disqualified
    Rosemary Matheson	W50	NATO	87:42	m1	
    Robert Johnson		M14	ind	95:33	m5	
    Eileen Morgan		W65	NN	101:59	m7	
    Helen Rafferty		W60	NATO	105:03	m6
    George Hails		M9	ind	32:24	ret	
    Wendy Taylor		W45	CLOK	36:48	ret f1-5
    Ann Dobbs		W60	CLOK	88:50	ret	

GREEN - 4.6km, 85m, 13 controls	SPLITS						
1. Catherine Taylor		W18	CLOK	39:44		
2. Dave Brook		M60	NN	54:42
3. Bob Cooper		M60	NN	56:36		
4. Jeff Mason		M65	NATO	63:44		
5. Lucy Taylor		W16	CLOK	64:31		
6. Sheila Sprot		W55	NATO	70:44		
7. Patricia Davies		W50	NATO	71:10		
8. Malcolm Gibson		M60	CLOK	74:00		
9. Charlotte Curtis		W14	NATO	76:19		
10. Graham Scott		M60	NATO	76:32		
11. Ann Curtis		W50	NATO	76:48		
12. Rachael Malley		W16	EBOR	77:33		
13. Q.K.Crow		M40	ind	79:20		
14. Eddie Leadbitter		M65	NN	79:48		
15. Liddy Eudon		W21	DVO	80:13		
16. Dick Whitworth		M65	BL	81:17		
17. David Fordyce		M45	ind	81:29		
18. Mike Hardy		M65	CLOK	84:27		
     ---------------  colour line  ---------------
19. Isla Mathieson		W40	CLOK	87:50		
20. Kath Dixon		W50	NATO	91:25		
21. Hilary Cooper		W50	NATO	93:16		
22. Roy Malley		M75	NATO	94:29		
23. Robert Ian Robb		M65	CLOK	94:37		
24. Barbara Verity		W55	DEE	94:48		
25. Nick Green+2			AIRE	98:27		
26. Geoff Armer		M60	BL	98:49		
27. Joe Hails		M14	ind	102:50
28. Joan Selby		W60	CLOK	103:54		
29. Lorraine Porter		W45	CLOK	106:00		
30. Angela Whitworth		W60	BL	107:39		
31. David Floyd		M45	NATO	113:50		
32. Bob Johnson		M60	NN	116:36		
33. Barry Young		M40	NN	146:43		
34. Albert Lim		M21	UNOC	161:29		
Retired / disqualified
    Shelly Williams		W45	CLOK	11:41	ret f1-8

BLUE - 6.5km, 110m, 15 controls	SPLITS						
1. Ben Smith		M20	UDOC	63:14		
2. Jenny Thornton		W18	CLOK	66:28		
3. Paul Johnson		M55	BL	68:55		
4. Jonathan Malley		M14	NATO	69:06		
5. Neil Sprot		M50	NATO	69:43		
6. Elizabeth Bridge		W21	UDOC	70:07		
7. Boris Spence		M50	NN	72:12		
8. Martyn Dean		M45	CLOK	74:17		
9. Christopher Bradford	M55	NATO	76:05		
10. Andy Curtis		M50	NATO	76:13		
11. Morag Macniven		W21	UDOC	77:49		
12. Matthew Goode		M21	UNOC	78:06		
13. Robert Verity		M60	DEE	81:02		
14. Keith Chipchase		M50	NN	84:22		
15. Cecile Spring		W35	NN	84.58
16. David Raymond		M45	NATO	88:26		
17. Judy Johnson		W55	BL	88:39		
18. Andrew Suddaby		M65	BL	88:59		
19. Frank Major		M60	NN	89:45		
20. Jane Malley		W45	NATO	89:58		
21. Andrew Clark		M40	EBOR	90:10		
22. Joe Dobbs		M65	CLOK	92:25		
     ---------------  colour line  ---------------
23. Peter Waldron		M50	NATO	95:30		
24. Michael Garratt		M50	CLOK	95:42		
25. Dave Slade		M35	NATO	95:52		
26. Paul Jameson		M50	NATO	96:39		
27. Karen Blackburn		W60	BL	98:24		
28. Gary Russell		M21	NN	103:57		
29. Steven Taylor		M21	DVO	104:33		
30. Ben Rowley		M21	UNOC	106:03		
31. Angus Lumb		M35	ind	111:05		
32. Fred Miller		M55	NATO	115:52		
33. Tom Rowley		M16	ind	117:14		
34. Mike Hughes		M21	UDOC	117:19		
35. Bob Richardson		M55	NATO	117:35		
36. Joy Rowley+1		W55	ind	126:20		
37. Lee David		M45	NATO	128:46
Retired / disqualified
    Judy Suddaby		W65	BL	93:44	w1
    Raymond Snaith		M55	CLOK	84:47	ret f1-8

BROWN - 8.9km, 115m, 24 controls	SPLITS				
1. Stefan Andersson		M21	EUOC	58:28
2. Martin Smith		M45	LOC	68:54
3. Rory Matheson		M21	NATO	73:25
4. Paul Thornton		M45	CLOK	74:25
5. Paul Taylor		M55	CLOK	77:04
6. Christopher Wright		M45	CLOK	82:12
7. Wilfred Bell		M50	NN	90:15
8. Tom Billam		M21	UDOC	90:21
9. Richard Bean		M21	UDOC	93:36
10. David Smyth		M16	NATO	100:01
11. John Stuart Dixon		M60	NATO	104:40
12. Nick Martin		M35	CLOK	109:12
     ---------------  colour line  ---------------
13. Roy Dawson		M55	NATO	111:39
14. Colin Matheson		M50	NATO	114:36
15. Martin Adamson		M60	CLOK	115:11		
16. John Williams		M45	BL	116:10		
17. Paul Heeley		M21	NATO	119:04		
18. Colin Blackburn		M45	NN	122:57		
19. Rob Bailey		M45	CLOK	124:00		
20. Andrew Nicoll		M65	NATO	127:17		
21. William Dehany		M50	CLOK	142:20		
Retired / disqualified
    Patrick Smyth		M45	NATO	75:22	did not punch finish
    Phillip Batts		M45	CLOK	83:45	m9   

Organisers comments - Bob Cooper
Many thanks for all turning up and making this a fairly succesful event. The weather, although bitterly cold in the parking field,
could have been a lot worse. The day before saw an inch of snow in the field and there were doubts as to whether the event would go ahead.
I must apologise to the competitor who had a faulty card – this is a rare occurrence with EMIT, although it has happened twice lately.
NN are a small club and seem to be getting smaller and credit must go to the small band of club helpers who made this event possible.
Thanks are due to the Warde-Aldam family for the use of the Low Kellas, Athole McKillop of Land Factor for the use of High Kellas and
to the owners of Slaley Hall (De Vere Hotels) who allowed us the use of the parking field. At their request and with your generosity,
we were able to donate £78 to the Great North Ambulance charity.

Planners comments - Dave Caudwell
Kellas appears to be getting more and more difficult to compete in, as the times for the courses are getting in the main longer and longer.
Most of the control features had been used before, so it must be something to do with the way the woodland is developing, making the rides more
difficult to see, and making relocation more difficult to do. It’s also more difficult to plan in the area, as the mature trees are gradually clear felled.
In fact, following conversations with the owners, it would appear that both of them have plans for substantial further felling in the next year.
Therefore it may be that next time we would like to use the area, it will be impossible to stage an event here, which would be a great pity,
as the woodland is very pleasant and runnable, and the club’s association with it goes back to the early 1970s.  

Controllers comments - Rob McKenna
Kellas is a beautiful area in which to spend a few days, particularly if the weather is fine. The scattering of snow in the wood does change
your perception of a few of the contour features (I know there aren’t many), which makes it a little bit more difficult to navigate.
Kellas is not a truly technical area, but its main problem, from a competitor’s point of view, is that it is so open and one block of the wood
looks much the same as another, making navigation and relocation quite a difficult task. Looking at some of the times and hearing comments at the finish,
this is exactly what had happened to quite a lot of competitors.
Low and High Kellas are quite different – Low Kellas rather bland and open, High Kellas, although also open, has the added problem of rhododenrons.
The main clumps had been mapped and should have been a help with navigation. Some seemed to rely totally on this and appeared to have neglected the
more positive contour features, which I think are a better guide as to where you are. Unforunately the openness of the wood in both High and Low Kellas
meant that the rides are now not as distinct as they once were. This is more apparent when looking at the orange course times.  On the face of it
the course looks easy enough – the option of cutting corners or just following the rides was there, but then you had to identify which ride first.
The times on some of the legs suggest that a few competitors had a great deal of difficulty here. The winning times on the other courses are about
what we expected, with the exception of the Light Green. I am not really sure what the problem was here. On paper, both tecnically and physically,
the course appears to be correct, but maybe competitors found running in an open wood, without many major features to go by, a little bit too hard.
All in all, I think that Dave did a good job, given the area that he had to work with.

NEOA Colour Award Scheme
Members of NEOA may purchase the relevant colour badge on completion of three events,
finishing above the colour line (one may be from outside the NEOA area).
For further details, contact : Margaret Crosby, tel: 0191 2685449 

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