Princess Anne Park results - Wednesday, 5th May 2004
Event 4 in GNF Summer league

Short - 2.1km / 50m - 7 controls
1.  D Smyth	NATO	M14	24.00
2.  S Murphy	ind	W50	31.17
3.  A Clarke	NATO	M45	41.46
4.  J&C Lacey	NATO	M12	48.22
5.  B Warren+2	NN		64.05

Medium - 3.9km / 70m - 12 controls
1.  F Major		NN	M55	44.10
2.  D Warren	NN	W40	52.32
3.  J Malley	NATO	M12	56.23
4.  N Crosby	NATO	W21	56.53
5.  P Davies	NATO	W45	58.08		
6.  R Pinkney	NATO	M65	64.18
7.  J Lakey	NATO	M45	66.35
    I Smith		NATO	M75	77.37  Found 1-6

Long - 6.0km / 120m - 17 controls
1.  P Smyth	NATO	M45	44.03
2.  B Spence	NN	M50	56.08
3.  G Sutcliffe	NN	M45	60.33
4.  K Ivens		NN	W21	61.47
5.  J Irving		NATO	M21	68.51
6.  M Adamson	CLOK	M60	71.45
7.  F Miller		NATO	M50	73.35
8.  J Malley	NATO	W40	73.40

Organsiser / planners comments - Dave Caudwell
My thanks are due to Angela Etherington of Sunderland City Council and Gary Haley of The Woodland Trust for permission to use the area.

So, what do you prefer? Warm and sunny weather with the local feral youth out in force (as last year), or the hour long "heavy shower"
which kept them away, except in one underpass on the long course, where they seemed very helpful (this year). Even the nearby control
was still intact when I collected it at 9.15 p.m. I tried to make the courses less technical this year. Anybody notice?

The next NN GNF event is at Carley Hill, Sunderland on Wednesday 19/05/04. This is an interesting new area with lots of big crags
and high hills in an old quarry, some of which has been reclaimed and landscaped.
Registration 1800-1900. Grid Ref of the car park is NZ 388600, and can only be approached from the A184/A1018 roundabout.

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