Hebburn Riverside - 8th June 2005
Event 9 in GNF Summer league

Short - 2.4km, 30m climb, 8 controls
1. E.Ratcliffe	W16	NATO	21.05
2. M Ratcliffe	M12	NATO	21.16
3. E.Bedwell	W70	CLOK	28.02
4. J.Crosby	M55	NATO	32.09
5. M.Seed		M45	ind	37.00

Medium - 4.2km, 55m climb, 11 controls
1. F Major		M60	NN	29.40
2. H Ratcliffe	W45	NATO	30.54
3. D Smyth	M14	NATO	32.22
4. B.Pinkney	M65	NATO	35.38
5. D.Warren	W40	NN	35.41
6. D Raymond	M40	NATO	38.42   
7. N Crosby	W21	NATO	40.10
8. K.Ratcliffe	W16	NATO	42.38
9. J.Bedwell	W70	CLOK	54.36

Long - 6.2km, 85m climb, 16 controls
1. P Smyth	M45	NATO	34.30
2. P.Heeley	M21	NATO	40.21
3. G.Sutcliffe	M45	NN	44.36
4. K.Ivens		W21	NN	44.55
5. J.Warren	M40	NN	46.16
6. B.Cooper	M60	NN	49.09
7. F Miller		M50	NATO	57.48
8. R.Marshall	M21	ind	68.36

League placings

Organsiser / planners comments - Rob Mckenna
I hope you all enjoyed your runs on this new area.
It has been a delight mapping and planning over the last few weeks on what for me is 'home' ground.
Hebburn Riverside, although not a highly technical area is good to run on and offers superb views on the river Tyne.
The challenge for most would probably have been running on virgin territory, which often makes you stop and think
even on the more obvious routes.
There was at least one error that I spotted on the map - the depression on the long course at number 3,
there was another depression of equal size fairly close to the one mapped. Unfortunately I didn't see it until I was
putting the controls out last night and the maps had already been printed. One other fault was in not informing you
of what a 'vent' was. I hope that this did not spoil your enjoyment of what turned out to be quite a pleasant evening.
Thanks for all turning up and supporting this event.

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