GNF Summer League Relays results - Moor House - Wednesday, 9th July 2003

3 man / 9 legs
1.  44:32	Problematical
		Colin Matheson	M45	NATO
		Lewis Matheson	M21	NATO
		Rory Matheson	M20	NATO
2.  47:55	BTM
		Gary Russell	M21	NN
		Paul Vincent	M35	KNOBOC
		Bob Cooper	M55	NN
3.  60:40	Rarebits
		Julian Warren	M40	NN
		Debby Warren	W40	NN
		Barnaby Warren	M7	NN (only maps D & I)
4.  62:02	The Bendells
		Dave Bendell	M40	NATO
		Adam Bendell	M12	NATO
		Sam Bendell	M8	NATO
5.  62:55	???
		Bob Pinkney	M65	NATO
		Chris Bradford	M50	NATO
		Carole Firth/	W55	NATO
		Nicola Crosby	W21	NATO

1 man / 9 legs
1. Michael Daehnn	M21	UNOC	30:45
2. Fred Miller	M50	NATO	13:55 (maps A,B,C)

Organisers / planners comments - Rob McKenna
I hope you all enjoyed your run around this small, but interesting area.
The setting seemed ideal for this type of event - the use of the cabin may
have been essential if the threatened rain earlier in the day had moved
The format appeared to work quite well although the abundance of maps at
the exchange allowed competitors to easily choose which course they wished
to do next - ideally with fewer maps, tactical analysis may have played a
bigger part.  I was initially a bit worried at the shortness of the courses
but this added to the 'excitement' at the changeover, with constant too-ing
and fro-ing.  I had thought of introducing a handicap system to allow the
normal 'medium' and 'short' course runners to have an easier time, but
decided that it would have been a bit too complicated - in the end I opted
for all cards having to be completed, but by any runner.
It was nice to see Dave Bendell back in action although I feel that he was
worked quite hard on the night.
Apologies for the error on course 'B' (two control descriptions and numbers
the wrong way round) - this was an oversight during the printing process,
which wasn't picked up until during the competition.
Congratulations to the winners of the GNF league and thanks to John Crosby
for awarding the prizes.
Thanks also to Dave Caudwell for the excellent map and helping out on the
night and to the Durham Scout Association for the use of the area.

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