Herrington Country Park results - Wednesday, 11th June 2003
Event 9 in the GNF Summer League

Long - 6.4km, 85m climb, 13 controls
 1. E Nash		UNOC	M21	29-14
 2. P Smyth	NATO	M45	32-25
 3. B Spence	NN	M50	39-36
 4. G Russell	NN	M21	42-32
 5. P Heeley	NATO	M21	42-35
 6. R Cooper	NN	M55	42-47
 7. F Miller		NATO	M50	46-14
 8. P Davies	NATO	W45	49-10
 9. A Lumb	NATO	M21	54-28
10. G Scott	NATO	M55	62-32
      P Batts	CLOK	M40	Retired

Medium - 4.0km, 50m climb, 8 controls
 1. J Warren	NN	M40	24-09
 2. R McKenna	NN	M50	28-32
 3. F Major		NN	M55	29-10
 4. D Warren	NN	W40	31-21
 5. D Law		UNOC	M21	32-54
 6. M Sheldon	ind	M21	33-18
 7. R Johnson	NN	M55	34-03
 8. D Raymond	NATO	M40	35-40

Short - 2.4km, 35m climb, 5 controls
 1. H Kreuzfeldt	UNOC	W21	22-00
 2. D Smyth	NATO	M12	22-23
 3. A Brown	ind	W15	24-34
 4. I Brown		ind	M13	25-57
Oganisers comments - Dave Caudwell (NN)
I hope you enjoyed the run round this new area.
Although lacking in technical challenge, I think it will prove to be a good addition to the Great North Forest areas we have,
because it will remain pleasant to run in when some of our other areas are covered in head high bracken and brambles,
and when the new plantations are no longer out of bounds, they will present a different challenge.
No-one reported being attacked by lapwings (or anything else), the weather was good, and I got home to see
the second half of the England match! A very satisfactory evening, I think.

Incidentally, the map (only very slightly modified) is to be given to all who attend the Durham County Show
held in the Park on July 12th/13th. What they'll make of it, I've no idea.

The next NN Great North Forest event is at Houghall Woods, an old area but with a new map.
Parking is at the Graham Sports centre just off the A177 Durham City to Stockton road at grid ref NZ 284413 on 25th June.
Shortly afterwards is a limited CC event using electronic punching at Bishop Auckland Park on SATURDAY 28th June.
Further details of both events can be found on the NN Website soon.

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