North East Night Championships at
      Shaiba Training Area, Catterick
      Saturday, 14th October 2006

* indicates NE Night Champion

Course A - 5.9km, 110m, 18 controls	SPLITS
1. Rory Matheson		NATO	M21	48:06 * 
2. Ben Smith		UDOC	M20	53:46 
3. John Butler		EBOR	M50	55:20 
4. Patrick Smyth		NATO	M35	55:25 * 
5. Thomas Billam		UDOC	M21	57:28 
6. Paul Taylor		CLOK	M55	59:37 * 
7. Alastair Mackenzie		CLOK	M45	63:37 
8. Chris Wright		CLOK	M45	72:47 
9. Sarah Price		LOC	W21	73:27 
10. Dave Kelly		CLOK	M35	79:21 

Course B - 4.0km, 110m, 11 controls	SPLITS
1. Steve Corrigan		EBOR	M45	33:33 
2. Paul Thornton		CLOK	M45	33:45 * 
3. Fiona Forrest		HALO	W21	34:26 
4. Elizabeth Bridge		UDOC	W21	35:51 * 
5. David Downes		WCOC	M50	36:11 
6. Catherine Taylor		CLOK	W18	36:38 *
7. Sarah Hutton		UDOC	W21	38:46 
8. Boris Spence		NN	M50	41:22 * 
9. David Smyth		NATO	M16	44:14 * 
10. Dave Brown		EBOR	M45	47:44 
11. Dylan Thompson		5RRF	M35	49:25 
12. Ray Barnes		NOC	M50	50:06 
13. Martyn Dean		CLOK	M45	53:14 
14. Alexander Machin		UDOC	M20	55:33 * 
15. Paul McConnell		5RRF	M21	56:40 
16. Stewart Whitfield		5RRF	M35	57:31 
17. Geoff Hine		CLOK	M45	62:33 
18. Marc Gill		5RRF	M21	62:58 

Course C - 2.0km, 30m, 7 controls	SPLITS
1. Barrie Speake		EBOR	M65	17:38 
2. Jemma Bell		LOC	W14	23:25 
3. Sian Bolton		LOC	W21	24:06 
4. Chris Coxon		5RRF	M35	24:24 
5. Christine Roberts		EBOR	W55	26:14 
6. Geoff Price		LOC	M60	27:35 
7. John Simpson		5RRF	M21	27:45 
8. Roy Malley		NATO	M75	28:47 * 
9. Philip Hagan		5RRF	M18	34:15 
10. Alan Parker		AIRE	M55	50:28 
11. Margaret Parker		AIRE	W55	52:08 
12. James Land		5RRF	M21	87:12 

North East Night Champions
The Championships are open to members of clubs in the North East region.
They were decided on the following class combinations:
Crse	Classes
A	M21 - M40							
B	M16 - M20, M45 - M55, W21 - W40							
C	M60 - M80, W16 - W20, W45 - W75

Competitors who ran up a course have been awarded a certificate if there was no one running the correct course. 
Congratulations to the following competitors (certificates will be available shortly):

David Smyth	NATO	M16
Alexander Machin	UDOC	M20
Rory Matheson	NATO	M21
Patrick Smyth	NATO	M35
Paul Thornton	CLOK	M45
Boris Spence	NN	M50
Paul Taylor	CLOK	M55
Roy Malley	NATO	M75

Catherine Taylor	CLOK	W18
Elizabeth Bridge	UDOC	W21

Organisers comments - Boris Spence

Planners comments - Rob McKenna
It was a perfect night for the event, mild, dry and still conditions, with no moonlight.
Going by comments at the finish, I am not sure who was more fightened, the competitors or the livestock on the area.
Certainly a few of the female competitors expressed some fear as the horses or cattle made a beeline for the light from their head torches.
Technically, Shaiba is a fairly easy area to navigate round. There are many fences to guide you, but then they have to be crossed,
a tricky task at night. The long course ventured into the northern wooded valley which provided a good contrast to the more bland,
easier running of the pasture land and fields. The nettles seemed to prove more of a problem than I had anticipated,
but they are really unavoidable. It was a pity that we could not use Barden Fell as it is a totaly different area to run round,
maybe next time.  

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