Local event at
      Cong Burn
      Sunday, 15th February 2009 

YELLOW - 1.6km, 30m, 7 controls
1. John MacKenzie		M12	NN	43.58
2. Charlotte Graham		W2	ind	50.45
	--------------- colour line ---------------
ORANGE - 2.3km, 55m, 9 controls
1. Elaine Clarke		W50	NATO	69.00
	--------------- colour line ---------------
LIGHT GREEN - 3.0km, 90m, 11 controls
1. Andrew Rice		M21	NATO	61.40
2. Helen Rafferty		W65	NATO	75.55
3. Sasha MacKenzie		W14	NN	81.12
4. Gregory + Peter Saul	M9/45	ind	88.20
5. Andy Clarke		M50	NATO	88.20
6. Ian Campbell		M75	CLOK	93.50
7. Eileen Bedwell		W75	CLOK	103.48	
	--------------- colour line ---------------
8. Ian Smith		M80	NATO	169.38	
retired / disqualified
    Barnaby Warren		M14	NN	96.08 m8-10
    Bob Johnson		M65	NN	65.16 f1-7
    Joan Adamson		W60	CLOK	94.25 f1-7
    Clarissa Napier		W70	CLOK	58.10 f1-6
    Alan Morgan		M75	NN	     ret f1-4
    Eddie Leadbitter		M70	NN	     lost card
GREEN - 4.1km, 165m, 12 controls
1. David Kelly		M40	CLOK	53.52	
2. Nicola Tilt		W35	ind	63.12	
3. Tim Field		M45	LOC	64.12	
4. Ann Cranke		W50	CLOK	70.23	
5. Sheila Sprot		W55	NATO	72.30	
6. Jill Smith		W55	EBOR	76.58	
7. Bob Richardson		M55	NATO	79.43	
8. Lindsey Hensman		W60	CLARO	81.41	
9. Gill Mawby		W60	EBOR	83.39	
10. Gary Russell		M35	NN	86.55	
	--------------- colour line ---------------
11. Juliet Bentley		W40	SROC	89.28	
12. David Floyd		M50	NATO	90.15	
13. Roger Mawby		M70	EBOR	94.33	
14. Lorraine Porter		W50	CLOK	97.05	
retired / disqualified
    Deborah Warren		W45	NN	86.15 m3
    Karen Blackburn		W60	BL	96.15 m3
    Douglas Henderson	M55	RR	59.20 m3-4	
    Ed Baynes		M21	UDOC	54.25 f1-5	
    Clare Feast		W21	UDOC	88.00 lost card
    Julian Warren		M45	NN	     ret f1-5
BLUE - 5.4km, 190m, 16 controls
1. Adrian Barnes		M55	NATO	69.08	
2. Matthew Goode		M21	UNOC	71.15	
3. Neil Sprot		M55	NATO	73.40	
4. Rob Bailey		M50	CLOK	74.10	
5. Roy McGregor		M40	SROC	74.15	
6. Andrew Cheung		M20	UNOC	76.33	
7. Chris Bradford		M60	NATO	78.05	
8. Geoffrey Hensman		M60	CLARO	79.20	
9. Maria MacKenzie		W21	NN	80.40	
10. Lawrence Dudley		M21	UDOC	91.51	
11. Colin Turner		M55	CLOK	92.07	
	--------------- colour line ---------------
12. Martin Adamson		M65	CLOK	115.38	
13. Scott Lowe		M20	UDOC	120.13	
14. Helen Buss		W20	UNOC	142.51	
15. David Lee		M45	NATO	165.06	
16. Carmen Elphick		W35	EBOR	166.39	
retired / disqualified
    Phillip Batts		M45	CLOK	     no card
BROWN - 6.7km, 230m, 18 controls
1. Duncan Archer		M21	CLOK	47.29	
2. Pipa Whitehouse		W21	CLOK	53.22	
3. Ben Smith		M21	UDOC	57.25	
4. Kris Smith		M21	UNOC	64.35	
5. Thomas Billam		M21	UDOC	64.57	
6. Ian Maxwell		M45	RR	65.51	
7. Simon Caldwell		M45	EBOR	74.30	
8. Alex Machin		M21	UDOC	76.26	
	--------------- colour line ---------------
9. Adam Poole		M20	UDOC	84.17	
10. Tin Wong		M21	UNOC	89.37	
11. Will Horsley		M21	ind	91.35	
12. John Dixon		M60	NATO	101.50	
13. David Lauckner		M55	ind	133.36	
14. Willard Wright		M40	NATO	139.25	
15. Steve Gustard		M??	ind	156.04	
retired / disqualified
    Martyn Dean		M50	CLOK	78.48 lost card f1-9

Organiser / planners comments - Rob Mckenna
Many thanks for all turning up and supporting this event on what turned out to be quite a nice day,
given the latest weather conditions.
Looking at the finish times it seems that most competitors seemed to be struggling on what I thought
at the time were reasonably planned courses.
However, I did have a few pre-event planning dilemas. Firstly, there was one leg on the orange course
which was probably at the upper end of the technical ability for those competing on it.
Secondly, It was pointed out to me by the controller that there was a steep decline on a leg of the
light green course that may not be suitable for some of the older competitors.
Whilst I did not agree with this comment at the time (the steep section was the last 20m before one
of the controls), the slippy conditions had made this worse on the day.
Most comments at the finish seemed to revolve around the crossing of the stream - several times on
some of the courses. From a planning point of view this is almost un-avoidable given the topography
of the area and the need to get the correct distances for the courses set. Using the SI system may
have helped here, but the vulnerability of the control sites makes this an untennable option.
The overnight thaw of the recent snowfalls on higher ground, swelling the normally timid flow of
the Cong Burn, had made these crossings a bit more treacherous than I had anticipated - there were
stories of competitors going in waist deep in an attempt to reach the other side. This was never
meant to be my intention and I do apologise for those that found this a bit too much.
I do believe that Cong Burn is a delightful, open, runnable wood - given the right conditions and
I cannot agree with a comment from one competitor that it is the worst place they had ever competed in.

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