Langley Wood
17th April 2005

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BLUE - 5.9km, 180m climb, 20 controls
1	Andrew Kitchin		M35	INT	38.18
2	Nick Green		M21	AIRE	46.08
3	Jonathan Brown		M35	BL	49.00
4	Patrick Smyth		M45	NATO	50.25
5	Christopher Wright		M45	CLOK	50.58
6	Andy Lewsley		M50	BL	53.44
7	Paul Johnson		M50	BOK	56.12
8	Stella Lewsley		W50	BL	57.17
9	Colin Matheson		M50	NATO	58.03
10	Boris Spence		M50	NN	58.49
11	David Riches		M40	CLOK	59.31
12	Roger			M40	LOC	59.59
13	Dylan Thompson		M35	ind	60.15
14	Andrew Curtis		M50	NATO	60.19
15	Colin Blackburn		M40	NN	61.34
16	Julian Warren		M40	NN	62.18
17	Neil Robson		M35	NATO	63.42
18	Paul Heeley		M21	NATO	63.51
19	Andrew Berne		M40	NATO	64.01
20	Joanna Abbott		W21	AIRE	65.06
21	Paul Gaines		M21	NATO	65.12
22	Paul Jameson		M50	NATO	65.38
	-------------------- colour line --------------------
23	Bob Cooper		M60	NN	66.33
24	Stewart			M35	ind	69.35
25	Neil Sprot			M50	NATO	71.38
26	Jane Malley		W40	NATO	72.44
27	Lindsey Knox		W45	RR	74.51
28	Martin Adamson		M60	CLOK	75.15
29	Ian Sumler-Hutchinson	M40	CLOK	75.35
30	Peter Waldron		M45	NATO	77.21
31	Paul McConnell		M21	ind	78.47
32	Judy Johnson		W50	BOK	83.42
33	Keith Cooper		M50	NATO	83.44
34	Philip Nichols		M45	BL	87.55
35	Phillip Batts		M40	CLOK	91.38
36	Paul Goad			M45	ind	92.51
37	Jeanette Sumler-Hutchinson	W40	CLOK	98.20
38	David Lee			M45	NATO	102.40
39	Marc Gill			M21	ind	161.07
Disqualified / retired
	Marcus Byron		M35	ind	61.53	m096
	Christopher Bradford		M55	NATO	63.07	m137
	Malcom Arnold		M45	ind	109.19	DSQ

GREEN - 4.2km, 140m climb, 14 controls
1	Jonathan Malley		M14	NATO	40.15
2	Stephen Whitwood		M45	NATO	44.48
3	Sheila Sprot		W50	NATO	45.06
4	Ben Pearson		M14	NATO	46.26
5	Matthew Whitwood		M16	NATO	47.18
6	David Brook		M60	NN	48.29
7	Sue Ward			W40	LOC	49.38
8	Bob Johnson		M60	NN	49.42
9	David Smyth		M14	NATO	50.30
10	Maria Mackenzie		W21	CLARO	50.53
11	Gary Russell		M21	NN	51.37
12	Colin Turner		M50	CLOK	52.38
13	Jeremy Lakey		M40	NATO	52.50
14	Kate Kitchin		W21	INT	53.53
15	Bob Richardson		M50	NATO	54.25
16	Graham Scott		M60	NATO	55.08
17	David Raymond		M40	NATO	56.47
18	Eddie Leadbitter		M65	NN	57.58
19	David Fordyce		M45	ind	59.41
	-------------------- colour line --------------------
20	John Mace			M45	CLOK	61.12
21	Anita Laird			W60	BL	61.19
22	Geoff Armer		M55	BL	67.23
23	Lorraine Porter		W45	CLOK	75.58
24	Julian Mace		M45	CLOK	76.52
25	Marguerite Pennell		W65	WCOC	78.30
26	Graham Dawson		M50	EBOR	81.11
27	Emma Moody		W35	WCOC	92.04
28	Mel Brown			M50	NN	94.41
29	Joan Selby		W60	CLOK	105.05

LIGHT GREEN - 3.2km, 80m climb, 13 controls
1	Martin Sheldon		M35	ind	38.28
2	Hilary Cooper		W45	NATO	41.08
3	Nicola Crosby		W21	NATO	41.45
4	Oban Lewsley		W12	BL	43.22
5	Ian Campbell		M70	CLOK	46.46
6	Patricia Davies		W50	NATO	48.33
7	Paul Freeman		M45	ind	50.50
8	Helen Whitwood		W16	NATO	51.24
9	Rosemary Matheson		W50	NATO	52.21
10	Emma Ratcliffe		W14	NATO	52.44
11	James Johnson		M16	ind	56.55
	-------------------- colour line --------------------
12	Kath Dixon		W50	NATO	58.38
13	Barbara Plant		W65	BL	66.14
14	Joan Adamson		W55	CLOK	71.29
15	Helen Rafferty		W60	NATO	84.00
16	Avis Armer			W55	BL	105.56
Disqualified / retired
	Pat Malley			W65	NATO	52.36	ret
	Robert Johnson		M12	ind	70.23	m033
	Angela Wylie		W35	ind	79.22	w127
	Christopher Lakey		M14	NATO	84.50	m035
	Geoff Lee			M??	ind	88.49	m035

ORANGE - 2.4km, 85m climb, 9 controls
1	Charlotte Curtis		W14	NATO	30.29
2	Tom Freeman		M12	ind	37.32
3	Richard Cooper		M14	NATO	41.08
4	Jenny Mace		W16	CLOK	43.38
5	John Crosby		M55	NATO	48.36
6	Sasha MacKenzie		W10	CLARO	57.40
7	Chris Iredale		M12	ind	59.36
	-------------------- colour line --------------------
8	Sean Wylie		M7	ind	60.54
9	Barnaby Warren		M10	NN	61.35
10	Colin Pyle			M40	ind	67.27
11	Fabian + Polly Byron		W7	ind	80.40
12	Jaqueline Pitfield		W55	ind	85.14
Disqualified / retired
	Anne Lakey		W45	NATO	55.41	m043
	Jonathan Lakey		M10	NATO	55.43	m043

YELLOW - 1.7km, 20m climb, 7 controls
1	Christopher Brown		M10	BL	21.48
2	John MacKenzie		M6	CLARO	23.11
3	Theo + Jocasta Hornsey	W10	ind	29.41
4	Jacob + Peter Hornsey	W6	ind	30.01
5	Kathryn Ratcliffe		W16	NATO	30.43
6	Linda Yang		W21	ind	32.30
	-------------------- colour line --------------------
7	Mathilda + Janet Hornsey	W	ind	41.09

WHITE - 1.1km, 0m climb, 6 controls
1	Eloise Wright		W8	CLOK	08.25
2	Emily Brown		W10	BL	08.58
3	Anna Townsend Rose		W35	ind	18.30
4	Saskia Warren		W5	NN	54.50
	-------------------- colour line --------------------

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Organiserís/Plannerís Comments - Norman Harris
A total entry of 116 was big indeed for an NN event of this type. Our entrants came from 12 clubs,
including West Cumberland, Roxburgh, Claro and Ebor, along with 25 non-club entrants. There was even
a British squad member, Andy Kitchin, who made short work of what had seemed a fairly physical Blue course.
The 44 runners on that course Ė just taking us beyond our pre-printed map supply - would seem to indicate
that there is plenty of demand for strategically sited events on Championship weekends.

One small disappointment was that not everyone seems to have read the Final Information sheet given them as
they arrived. Two critical pieces of information were that the map scale was 1:7,500 (this was highlighted
as being a change from some pre-event info) and that high walls edging the old railway track near the finish
necessitated some taped routes. One can only urge competitors to read any info they get on arrival: thereís no
knowing just how important this could be, and itís not reasonable to rely on the organisers repeating parts of
it at Registration or the Start.

Many thanks to the landowner, Tom Bates, and to Jane for opening up the wonderful Garden Station. The combination
of cafitiere coffee and a spotless loo is a rare one for the O-community!   And in Rob McKenna I was lucky to have
a controller whose control-site checking represented just a fraction of his total input to the courses and to
general organisation.

Controllers comments - Rob McKenna
Well done to Norman and his small band of club helpers who combined to make this event a pleasurable experience.
The club had used the area for a training event some years ago and I had forgotton how nice the woods were.
Whilst rather small I think that Normans courses utilised the area perfectly and produced a suitable challenge
for the courses that were ran.  Setting aside the blue course winner (and well done to Andy), times are round
about what I expected for this area and judging by comments recieved at the download station, most competitors
seemed to enjoy their runs.
To add to Normans concerns over reading of final details, I had noticed while collecting controls that some competitors
on the blue course had ran along the road, which was marked as a forbidden route. Although a minor road, it is quite
twisty, has fast moving traffic at times and can be rather dangerous.
The green course split times appear to have a control missing - I have been informed that this is due to an error
in setting up the courses on the computer and apparently cant be rectified.
After some confusion, I hope that the results now truely reflect the courses that people ran on the day.
If not then please let me know.

NEOA Colour Award Scheme
Members of NEOA may purchase the relevant colour badge on completion of three events,
finishing above the colour line (one may be from outside the NEOA area).
For further details, contact : Margaret Crosby, tel: 0191 2685449

Comments on these results to Rob McKenna 

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