Carley Hill - 17th May 2006
	Event 3 in GNF Summer league

Map 1 - 2.1km / 30m - 7 controls (short, long part 1)
Map 2 - 2.5km / 50m - 8 controls (medium part 1, long part 2)
Map 3 - 2.5km / 65m - 6 controls (medium part 2, long part 3)

Short - 2.1km, 30m climb, 7 controls (map 1)
1. N.Crosby	W21	NATO	24.24
2. V.Miller		W21	NATO	47.30
3. I.Smith		M75	NATO	57.20

Medium - 5.0km, 115m climb, 14 controls (maps 2,3 - split time in brackets)
1. F.Major		M60	NN	67.22 (33.30/33.52)
2. P.Goad		M45	CLOK	68.41 (??.??/??.??)
3. M.Eve		M35	ind	96.30 (50.20/46.10)
4. B.Pinkney	M65	NATO	97.50 (48.10/49.40)
   L.Riches		W12	CLOK	88.46 map 2 only

Long - 6.4km, 195m climb, 21 controls (maps 1,2,3 - split time in brackets)
1. S.Anderson	M21	EUOC	42.30 (13.21/??.??/??.??)
2. D.Archer	M21	CLOK	44.23 (11.40/18.33/14.10)
3. P.Whitehouse	W21	CLOK	54.39 (13.40/21.16/19.43)
4. P.Vincent	M35	KNOBOC	61.38 (15.13/24.01/22.24)
5. D.Riches	M40	CLOK	75.34 (??.??/??.??/27.58)
6. M.Goode	M21	UNOC	78.30 (22.10/29.05/37.15)
7. B.Rowley	M21	UNOC	79.58 (24.00/30.09/25.49)
8. M.Hughes	M21	UDOC	93.56 (24.27/34.24/35.05)
9. M Adamson	M60	CLOK	96.50 (25.00/??.??/??.??)
10. F.Miller	M50	NATO	100.26 (26.40/35.31/38.15)
11. B.Young	M45	NN	140.40 (35.05/53.25/52.10)

Organsiser / planner - Rob McKenna
Many thanks for turning up and supporting this event.
The weather appeared to be fine until the first competitor turned up, then it went downhill from there.
In the end it wasn't pleasant at all - cold, wet and windy.
I am not sure if the long times were due to the weather, the new (to some) area, or the complexity of the punching system.
I do have a few apologies - firstly the use of the personal punch was a last minute decision due to the wet weather
and hadn't really been thought through. Secondly the medium course should really have done map 1 & 2, which would have
made it a bit shorter, thirdly some of the medium competitor control cards were wrongly marked due to the previous remark
and lastly some of the lettering at the control sites was a little bit difficult to read (this was done in a bit of a hurry
to try to avoid vandalism).
I hope this didnt spoil your enjoyment of what I think is a small gem of an area and hope you will return here when we
get some better weather.
Thanks to Dave Caudwell for stepping to help out with the start and finish - I am afraid he missed some of the split times
as he could not identify some of the 'new' faces as they came into the map exchange.
If you know your split times for these legs or feel that your times are wrong then please let me know.

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