Event 1 in GNF Summer league
      Chopwell Wood
      Wednesday, 19th April 2006

Short - 2.0km / 50m climb - 10 controls  
1. Eileen Bedwell	W75	CLOK	28.38
2. Ken Vigars	M40	ind	36.50
3. John Bedwell	M75	CLOK	41.39
4. Alison Jackson	W21	ind	43.14
5. Robert Proud	M14	1st WS	50.20	(Wylam Scouts)
6. Kai Thompson	M12	ind	52.59
7. Harry Johnson	M12	1st WS	77.44	(Wylam Scouts)
8. Tom Loveday	M14	1st WS	107.00	(Wylam Scouts)
retired / disqualified
    Patrick Smart	M12	1st WS	88.10	f1-6	(Wylam Scouts)

Medium - 4.0km / 80m climb - 12 controls
1. Paul Boyles	M21	NATO	44.07
2. Hilary Ratcliffe	W45	NATO	48.05
3. Ben Lester	M21	ind	50.28
4. Paul Goad	M45	CLOK	56.24
5. Kathryn Ratcliffe	W16	NATO	62.45
6. Matthew Ratcliffe	M14	NATO	68.40
7. Martin Price	M21	ind	70.34
8. Lorraine Porter	W45	CLOK	74.50
9. Michael Eve	M35	ind	78.53
10. Kathryn Price	W21	ind	109.49
10. James Clark	M21	ind	109.49
retired / disqualified
    Karen Blackburn	W60	BL	58.20	m8
    Ian Smith	M75	NATO	92.14	f1-9
    Emma Ratcliffe	W14	NATO	ret	f1-9	
    Barry Young	M45	NN	lost card
    Keith Ratcliffe	M50	NATO	lost card

Long - 6.4km / 210m climb - 15 controls
1. Colin Blackburn	M45	NN	72.19
2. Boris Spence	M50	NN	75.27
3. Ray Barnes	M50	NOC	91.50
retired / disqualified
    Rob Campbell	M40	CLOK	57.20	m10,12
    Mark Dooris	M45	ind	87.18	f4-7
    Fred Miller	M55	NATO	90.00	f1-10
    Phil Batts	M45	CLOK	dns	
Organsiser / planner - Rob McKenna
Many thanks for all turning up to support this event on what turned out to be a glorious evening.
Chopwell can be a tough area to run in, but I tried to keep you in the better parts of the wood.
Times on all three courses look a bit longer than I had anticipated - the long course was probably predictable,
with the long haul up from the bottom of the wood.  The short and medium course times are a bit harder
to fathom, as on paper, they looked fairly easy. There was route choice and maybe some competitors chose the
rougher part of the wood. In Chopwell, unless you know the area, it is always best to choose to stick with
the paths - it may be slightly longer, but generally will be faster. One other point was that the laminated
control signs were hard to spot. Again I thought that I had positioned these so that you would see them as
you approached the control (assuming that you came in the direction I had anticipated).

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