Black Banks & Knitsley Fell
20th February 2005

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KEY: m - control number missed, f - controls found

YELLOW - 1.7km, 25m, 8 controls
1. Johnathan Clark		M9	EBOR	25.20
2. Hannah Clark		W11	EBOR	25.33
3. Abby Clark		W11	EBOR	33.12
    --------------- clolour line ---------------
retired / disqualified
    Paul Murray		M21	ind	16.37 m055

ORANGE - 2.5km, 55m, 7 controls
1. Oban Lewsley		W12	BL	49.46
    --------------- clolour line ---------------

LIGHT GREEN - 3.1km, 90m, 9 controls
1. David Smyth		M14	NATO	39.24
2. Emily Collingwood		W18	CLOK	48.56
3. Elaine Day		W50	CLARO	49.13
4. Patricia Davies		W50	NATO	51.30
5. Alan Morgan		M70	NN	54.35
6. Eileen Bedwell		W70	CLOK	62.34
    --------------- clolour line ---------------
7. Dick Whitworth		M65	BL	71.25
8. Ruth Wilson		W21	NATO	74.03
9. Eileen Morgan		W65	NN	75.32
10. John Bedwell		M70	CLOK	75.41
retired / disqualified
    Angela Ruckledge		W55	WCOC	103.39 m081

GREEN - 4.6km, 110m, 12 controls
1. Paul Nuttall		M40	CLARO	46.21
2. Andrew Suddaby		M65	BL	48.53
3. Gary Russell		M21	NN	53.48
4. Maria MacKenzie		W21	CLARO	53.55
5. Tim Field		M40	LOC	55.42
6. Karen Blackburn		W55	BL	63.35
7. Amy Brown		W18	NN	64.24
8. Jon Williams		M60	CLOK	66.06
9. Debby Warren		W40	NN	67.09
    --------------- clolour line ---------------
10. Judy Suddaby		W65	BL	73.14
11. Lorraine Porter		W45	CLOK	75.18
12. Caroline Mackenzie	W40	CLOK	75.31
13. Rob Tooze		M55	CLOK	77.54
14. Angela Whitworth		W60	BL	85.16
15. Eddie Leadbitter		M65	NN	86.13
retired / disqualified
    David Floyd		M45	ind	93.55 m041
    Robert Johnson		M60	NN	33.32 ret f4
    Shelley Williams		W45	CLOK	--.-- ret

BLUE - 6.5km, 210m, 19 controls
1. Chris Bradford		M55	NATO	65.40
2. Douglas Henderson	M50	RR	65.49
3. Debbie Thompson		W45	BL	68.44
4. Paul Jameson		M50	NATO	73.40
5. Stella Lewsley		W50	BL	74.14
6. Boris Spence		M50	NN	78.27
7. Bob Cooper		M60	NN	82.30
8. Malcolm Ruckledge	M60	WCOC	91.27
9. Phillip Batts		M40	CLOK	97.50
    --------------- clolour line ---------------
10. Paul Goad		M40	ind	99.23
11. Ian Hutchinson		M40	CLOK	115.10
12. Jeanette Hutchinson	W40	CLOK	125.31
retired / disqualified    
    David Riches		M40	ind	95.59

BROWN - 9.1km, 295m, 27 controls
1. Duncan Archer		M21	CLOK	59.47
2. Heather Monro		W21	SLOW	70.08
3. Alastair MacKenzie	M45	CLOK	78.04
4. Patrick Smyth		M45	NATO	82.31
5. Andy Lewsley		M50	BL	84.02
6. John Collingwood		M45	CLOK	88.40
    --------------- clolour line ---------------
7. Martyn Dean		M45	CLOK	104.36
8. Colin Blackburn		M40	NN	109.39
retired / disqualified  
    Sabine Poitz		W21	USV TU	105.27 m055

Organsiser - Rob McKenna
Planner - Dave Caudwell
Controller - Julian Warren (NN)

Organisers comments - Rob McKenna
Many thanks for all turning up and supporting this event.  I had visions when I woke on Sunday morning
and saw the weather conditions that the event may have had to be cancelled.  As it turned out, although
bitterly cold, the Wear valley fared a lot better than Tyneside with regard to snow fall. Apart from a
few flurries we seem to have escaped the worst of it.  In fact out of the wind, conditions were rather
pleasant - at least they were when we were collecting the controls.
I must apologise for the lack of on the day results.  The cold weather appeared to have affected the generator,
which in turn burnt out the power supply to the laptop with the EMIT software on.  Unfortunately there was not
enough power in the laptop internal battery to last the competition.  But with the EMIT system, the timing device
and splits printer are self contained and powered - quite a compact unit.
Well done to Duncan Archer, who showed what can be done in spite of the conditions, although it was reported that
he was seen walking up the hill across the field to the crossing point.
In spite of the cold conditions, most competitors seemed to enjoy the area and the courses set by Dave and were
very complimentary at the finish.  The runability of the area seems to change every time we use it.
Trees are fast disappearing in Black Banks itself and it will not be long before we loose the use of it.
The varying condition of the heather on Knitsley Fell is due to the fact that the gamekeeper is not allowed to burn
the heather round the quarried areas - the scrub trees in this area are protected by English Nature.  On the South side
of the fell the silver birch sapplings are copiced to provide material for wattle type fences.
There may be an oppotunity to extend the map south to connect with Dryderdale.
Thanks to the small band of club helpers, without their assistance the event could not have happened:
Gary Russell, Bob Cooper (car parking)
Mel and Amy Brown (reg car 1), Alan and Eileen Morgan (reg car 2)
Bob Johnson, Eddie Leadbitter, Debby and Barnaby Warren (start)
Boris Spence (download and EMIT expert)
Dave Caudwell (planner)
Julian Warren (controller)
The proceeds from the parking field raised 26 - the club is to make this up to 40 and forward it off to
St.Cuthberts Hospice, Durham - thanks for your generosity.

NEOA Colour Award Scheme
Members of NEOA may purchase the relevant colour badge on completion of three events,
finishing above the colour line (one may be from outside the NEOA area).
For further details, contact : Margaret Crosby, tel: 0191 2685449 

Comments on these results to Rob McKenna 

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