Nothern Navigators
Carrs Top, 20th July 2003

KEY: m - control missed, f - control found, w - control wrong.
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YELLOW  2.2km / 30m, 8 controls 
1   Eleanor Cranke		W10	CLOK	18:38 
2   Helen Whitwood		W12	NATO	20:08 
3   Matthew Ratcliffe		M10	NATO	22:57 
4   Rowan Capper		M6	EBOR	24:43 
    -----------------colour line-----------------
5   Karen Maxwell		W10	RR	28:16 

ORANGE  2.7km / 35m, 8 controls 
1   Kirstin Maxwell		W12	RR	35:26 
2   Johnathon Malley		M12	NATO	36:20 
3   Anne Dehany		W45	CLOK	38:20 
4   John Miller		M21	ind	39:31 
5   Lucy Taylor		W12	CLOK	42:00 
6   Robert Johnson		M12	NN	43:33 
7   Pat Malley		W65	NATO	52:15 
    -----------------colour line-----------------

LIGHT GREEN  3.3km / 110m, 9 controls 
1   Hilary Ratcliffe		W40	NATO	34:33 
2   Louise Dunn		W40	EBOR	35:04 
3   Eileen Maxwell		W40	RR	35:38 
4   Wendy Taylor		W45	CLOK	36:44 
5   Matthew Whitwood	M14	NATO	38:31 
6   John Bouttell		M50	SYO	39:01 
7   Alan Bentham		M50	NATO	41:59 
8   Jamie Bentham		M14	NATO	44:43 
9   Shelley Cresswell		W40	CLOK	46:36 
10  Rosemary Matheson	W45	NATO	49:08 
11  Marjorie Conway		W65	CLOK	50:08 
    -----------------colour line-----------------
12  Eileen Bedwell		W70	CLOK	53:14 
13  Ian Smith		M70	NATO	54:59 
14  Katie Balam		W20	CLOK	62:08 
15  Judith Robb		W60	CLOK	63:11 
16  Shelagh Sims		W55	CLOK	69:28 
17  Eileen Morgan		W65	NN	77:53 
disqualified / retired
    Andy Pearson		M45	NATO	retired f1 

GREEN  4.7km / 185m, 12 controls 
1   Stephen Whitwood	M45	NATO	46:07 
2   Malcolm Conway		M65	CLOK	48:18 
3   Patricia Davies		W45	NATO	49:43 
4   Mike Hardy		M65	CLOK	53:21 
5   Jack Soper		M65	AIRE	53:35 
6   Ann Cranke		W45	CLOK	54:56 
7   Sheila Sprot		W50	NATO	55:37 
8   Jill Smith		W45	EBOR	56:52 
9   Debby Warren		W40	NN	61:25 
10  Roy Malley		M70	NATO	61:51 
11  Norman Harris		M60	NN	64:46 
12  Robert Ian Robb		M60	CLOK	67:16 
13  Hilary Cooper		W45	NATO	67:44 
14  Tim Field		M35	LOC	68:24 
    -----------------colour line-----------------
15  Malcolm Gibson		M60	CLOK	73:54 
16  Charlotte Roberts		W45	ind	75:58 
17  John Bedwell		M70	CLOK	96:15 
disqualified / retired
    Ken Bibby		M60	CLOK	60:55 m6 
    Howard Forrest		M55	ind	76:54 m5 
    Lee family		-	NATO	retired f1,2,3 
BLUE  6.7km / 235m, 13 controls 
1   David Sprot		M21	NATO	45:08 
2   Andrew Monro		M21	EBOR	46:16 
3   Tom Keenan		M21	ind	51:47 
4   Boris Spence		M45	NN	52:23 
5   Ian Maxwell		M40	RR	54:22 
6   Neil Sprot		M50	NATO	54:37 
7   Howard Sawyer		M45	AIRE	56:50 
8   Julian Warren		M40	NN	56:57 
9   Simon Filmore		M45	LOC	57:24 
10  Steven Wood		M50	EPOC	57:51 
11  Colin Matheson		M45	NATO	59:12 
12  David Riches		M40	CLOK	59:50 
13  Raymond Snaith		M55	CLOK	61:09 
14  Jon Williams		M55	CLOK	61:18 
15  Barry Harrison		M60	CLOK	63:38 
    -----------------colour line-----------------
16  Martin Sims		M50	CLOK	67:50 
17  William Dehany		M50	CLOK	69:14 
18  Bob Richardson		M50	NATO	72:34 
19  Dave Allison		M65	CLOK	73:05 
20  Angela Whitworth		W60	BL	101:54 
21  Stewart Gardner		M50	ind	109:52 
22  Brian Fletcher		M35	ind	110:03 
disqualified / retired
    Stephen Restorick		M45	CLOK	67:48 w14    
    Paul Van-Calster		M40	MDOC	70:35 no controls recorded 

BROWN  9.8km / 305m, 15 controls 
1   Neil Conway		M35	AIRE	60:57 
2   Michael Sprot		M21	SYO	67:15 
3   Duncan Woods		M40	CLOK	73:42 
4   Paul Taylor		M55	CLOK	77:05 
5   Colin Blackburn		M40	TVOC	81:45 
6   Andrew Berne		M35	NATO	84:08 
7   Wilfred Bell		M45	NN	84:11
8   Michael Daehnn		M21	UNOC	89:20 
    -----------------colour line-----------------
9   Bob Cooper		M55	NN	107:56 
10  John Dixon		M55	NATO	125:25 
disqualified / retired
    Patrick Smyth		M45	BAOC	82:39 m3  
    Graham Capper		M40	EBOR	ret m3, f1-9

	Organiser - Boris Spence
	Planner - Gary Russell
	Controller - Rob McKenna

Computing problems - Rob McKenna
This was my first attempt at running the computing for an SI event on my own and it turned out to be a baptism of fire.
Things didn't go too well on the day to say the least and I must thank all competitors for their
patience and understanding during these problems.
Firstly, the system was planned to run on a generator with an invertor as a standby, but when the equipment
was attached to the generator, the generator seemed to falter and would not run under any load.
It turned out that the AC adaptors of both the system laptop computer and the SI splits printer had been
damaged making those items of equipment un-usable by an AC supply.  Fortunately, the laptop did have an
internal battery, which would normally last about 3 hours. This time restraint was cutting it fine to ensure that all
competitors would have their E-cards downloaded on the day (given a possible event duration of about 5 hours).
The other drawback was that with no splits printer, no split times could be issued on the day.
These ongoing problems and the need to save on laptop battery power meant that competitors were asked
to come back and download after they had got changed.
Although allowing competitors to start at will, makes the event organisation very flexible from both the clubs
and competitors point of view, there is no manual start / finish timing should the system fail and cards have to be downloaded to
produce meaningful results.
This set up has worked very well in the past and I think that we were just unlucky on the day.
Perhaps next time a full test of all the equipment together might highlight any problems before they arise.
SportIdent is a superb system offering many advantages over the old pin punch type of event.
I hope that our problems did not spoil your enjoyment of the event and the superb orienteering challenge
that Carrs Top has to offer, particularly at this time of the year.

Controllers comments - Rob McKenna
Gary's courses made good use of what is a superb area to run on.
The shorter course are always going to be a problem at Carrs Top, with few line features to navigate by.
I hope that the bracken down by the Bollihope Burn didn't prove too challenging for the orange course runners.
Times are about as expected and in line with BOF guidelines.
There were a few problems:
Firstly - control number 3 on the brown (130 Narrow marsh / ditch junction).
This seemed to cause problems to a few competitors.  When checked, the control was found to be in the correct position,
but over the years, the reed grass had made map the map slightly inaccurate in that area.
I felt that criticism was a bit unjustified as the control was on a line feature and there was a good attack/relocation point
some 30m south of the control.  It was unfortunate that the kite was hung fairly low in this instance.

Secondly - control 138, again on the brown (the SI box had went down)
The split times have been re-instated with a null time for that control.

Interestingly, there was one competitor who apparently punched the start and finish boxes but no other control in between.
His time suggests that he visited all the controls, but what he did when and if he got there only he will know.

NEOA Colour Award Scheme
Members of NEOA may purchase the relevant colour badge on completion of three events,
finishing above the colour line (one may be from outside the NEOA area).
For further details, contact : Margaret Crosby, tel: 0191 2685449 

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