Local event at
      Cong Burn
      Sunday, 23rd May 2010 

YELLOW - 1.7km, 35m, 7 controls
1. Maya Wright		W6	NN	26.00
2. Cameron Wright		M12	NATO	26.53
3. Emma van Dam		W6	HALO	28.36
4. Jeneba Wright		W8	NN	28.58
	--------------- colour line ---------------
5. George van Dam		M8	HALO	48.12
6. Isabel+Maria Gaines	W3/2	BL	79.40
7. Benedict Sanderson	M3	NATO	80.08

ORANGE - 2.4km, 65m, 9 controls
1. Heather Witham		W21	ind	62.12
2. Susan Riddle		W40	NATO	82.43
	--------------- colour line ---------------

LIGHT GREEN - 3.1km, 95m, 11 controls
1. Paul van Dam		M45	HALO	56.21
2. Barnaby Warren		M14	NN	62.16
3. Bob Johnson		M65	NN	62.48
4. Helen Rafferty		W65	NATO	67.36
5. Andy Clarke		M50	NATO	83.11
6. Joan Selby		W65	CLOK	93.02
	--------------- colour line ---------------
7. Heather Witham 		W21	ind	96.24
8. Oliver Wright		M14	NATO	99.42
9. Margaret Lever		W70	NN	119.09
    Maria van Dam		W40	HALO	??.?? lost card	
retired / disqualified
   Ian Smith		M80	NATO	91.58 m7-10
   Elaine Clarke		W50	NATO	109.58 m8-9

GREEN - 4.1km, 145m, 13 controls
1. Julian Warren		M45	NN	56.16
2. Bob Richardson		M55	NATO	74.51
3. Colin Turner		M55	CLOK	75.05
4. Debby Warren		W45	NN	79.55
5. Quasimodo Crow		M45	NATO	86.33
6. Walter Wright		M70	NATO	89.19
7. Mike Bowden		M75	NN	89.47
	--------------- colour line ---------------
8. Caroline MacKenzie	W45	CLOK	89.51
9. Willard Wright		M45	NATO	94.44
10. Joe Trigg		M55	CLOK	98.08
11. David Floyd		M50	NATO	102.21
12. Tom Tinsley		M50	NATO	118.34
retired / disqualified
    Alan Mitcham		M65	NATO	99.23 m11-13

BLUE - 6.0km, 205m, 19 controls
1. Boris Spence		M55	NN	88.33
2. John Collingwood		M50	CLOK	92.46
3. Paul Gaines		M35	BL	93.03
4. Frank Major		M65	NN	96.08
5. Matthew Douthwaite	M18	ind	96.16
6. Bob Cooper		M65	NN	97.10
7. Kate Hampshire		W40	NN	102.09
8. Andrew Nicoll		M65	NATO	110.29
	--------------- colour line ---------------
9. Paul Leonard		M45	CLOK	143.36
10. Chris Petre		M45	CLOK	147.04
11. Katie Williams		W21	ind	209.02
retired / disqualified
   Ken Douthwaite		M50	ind	137.45 m15-19

BROWN - 7.0km, 220m, 18 controls
1. Ian Maxwell		M50	RR	70.07
2. Nigel Wright		M35	NN	71.06
3. Alastair Mackenzie	M50	CLOK	75.33
4. Kirstin Maxwell		W18	RR	77.20
5. Francis Shilitoe		M35	NATO	96.10
	--------------- colour line ---------------
6. John Dixon		M65	NATO	119.31
7. Cyril Bourgenot		M21	ind	126.26

Organiser / planner - Rob McKenna

Organisers comments
Many thanks for turning up for this event which had been re-arranged following cancellation in
January due to bad weather. I must apologise for the arrangements at registration / parking as
we had expected to be able to use the parking area adjacent to registration, but the ranger did
not turn up to un-lock the gate - sorry.
Standing at the finish and looking at the condition of some competitors it looks like it may have been
a bit too warm - it was certainly hot and sunny at the finish. Maybe the longer courses would have
benefitted from a few diversions into the stream to cool you off.
Some competitors seemed to find the area a bit too difficult - not only physically but also technically.
It is the path network which makes it so, but for the longer courses really this should make it easier.
The use of the laminated signs also caused a few problems for some, depending on how you approached the
control. I had tried to site the signs so that they would be easily seen from what I thought would be the
logical approach. In an area such as this the use of conventional O equipment is out of the question
without having the majority of controls guarded. As we are a small club this would have been out of the question.
The use of laminated signs allowed us to use what I think is a superb area - we just need to get the weather
right next time.

NEOA Colour Award Scheme
Members of NEOA may purchase the relevant colour badge on completion of three events,
finishing above the colour line (one may be from outside the NEOA area).
For further details, contact : Margaret Crosby, tel: 01670 736242

Comments on these results to Rob McKenna 

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