LUMSDON LAW - 26th June 2005

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Split results

YELLOW - 1.4km, 60m climb, 6 controls
1. Barnaby Warren		M10	NN	17.43
2. Chris Iredale		M12	ind	18.06
	--------------- colour line ---------------
3. Hannah Brown		W20	NATO	40.15

ORANGE - 2.4km, 110m climb, 7 controls
1. John Crosby		M55	NATO	53.51
2. Eleanor Raymond		W12	NATO	66.29
	--------------- colour line ---------------

LIGHT GREEN - 2.6km, 150m climb, 7 controls
1. Linsey Thomson		W16	STAG	36.32
2. Oban Lewsley		W12	BL	37.32
3. Maria Anderluh		W35	UNOC	38.30
4. Nicola Crosby		W21	NATO	39.42
5. Eileen Bedwell		W70	CLOK	44.31
6. Eddie Leadbitter		M65	NN	48.34
7. Mel Brown		M50	NN	51.02
8. John Bedwell		M70	CLOK	53.22
	--------------- colour line ---------------
9. Dick Whitworth		M65	BL	58.40

GREEN - 4.1km, 210m climb, 10 controls
1. David Brook		M60	NN	48.38
2. Matthew Prowse		M21	ind	49.57
3. Sheila Sprot		W50	NATO	50.19
4. Frank Major		M60	NN	51.15
5. Gary Russell		M21	NN	53.01
6. Anita Laird		W60	BL	53.29
7. Patricia Davies		W50	NATO	55.26
8. Debby Warren		W40	NN	55.47
9. Roy Malley		M75	NATO	56.52
10. Dave Allison		M65	CLOK	64.17
11. Dave Raymond		M40	NATO	64.53
	--------------- colour line ---------------
12. Malcolm Gibson		M60	CLOK	76.14
13. Barry Harrison		M65	CLOK	74.53
14. Angela Whitworth		W60	BL	77.18

BLUE - 5.4km, 300m climb, 10 controls
1. Fiona Forrest		W21	HALO	47.33
2. Douglas Henderson	M50	RR	48.58
3. Stella Lewsley		W50	BL	49.11
4. Michael Vasey		M60	CLOK	49.35
5. Boris Spence		M50	NN	51.16
6. Bob Cooper		M60	NN	51.41
7. Chris Bradford		M55	NATO	53.58
8. Julian Warren		M40	NN	55.13
9. Neil Sprot		M50	NATO	55.54
10. Fred Miller		M50	NATO	59.29
11. Gerry Thomson		M45	STAG	61.26
12. Martin Adamson		M60	CLOK	66.41
	--------------- colour line ---------------
13. Jason Simpson		M21	STAG	74.06
14. Tim Field		M40	LOC	80.41

BROWN - 7.4km, 415m climb, 15 controls
1. James Tullie		M20	RR	56.34
2. Patrick Smyth		M45	NATO	59.03
3. Andy Lewsley		M50	BL	63.33
4. Gregor Anderluh		M21	UNOC	67.27
5. Owen Lindsell		M21	EUOC	73.00
6. John Ward		M60	OD	76.53
7. Kath Ivens 		W21	NN	84.37
	--------------- colour line ---------------
8. Andrew Nicoll		M60	NATO	94.16

Organsiser - Boris Spence
Planner - Dave Caudwell
Controller - Rob McKenna

The sun shone, the midge was fairly tame and Daves courses appeared to be just about right.
Starting on the top was dictated to by parking requirements and although this did give some spectacular views,
it inevitably affected the courses. The fast downward start for most courses ended with a bit of an uphill slog to get
back to the finish, but following Daves warning, most competitors seemed to have chosen the right course.
The area is technically quite hard for some of the shorter courses with the lack of paths and only the boundary
fence and plantation fence to 'hem' the juniors in.
Once the trees in the main plantation near to the start have been given time to get established, this will affect the nature of the area
and make planning a bit simpler. The main valley (which most competitors didn't get into) is fairly gentle in comparison to the start area.
The restrictions of the fenced area didn't allow us to expand the courses that way. 
Parking for the competition had been a big problem ever since the event was first put into the fixture list.
Fortunately the poor turn out didn't really test the organisers skills to the full and we seemed to manage.
Unusally for the EMIT system, one of the controls (033) failed to register - this affected the following courses - brown (#9), blue (#5).
Split times for those legs have had to be combined, sorry if this affected your run in any way.

NEOA Colour Award Scheme
Members of NEOA may purchase the relevant colour badge on completion of three events,
finishing above the colour line (one may be from outside the NEOA area).
For further details, contact : Margaret Crosby, tel: 0191 2685449 

Comments on these results to Rob McKenna 

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Split results