Bishop Auckland Park results - Saturday, 28th June 2003
Limited colour coded event

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Yellow - 2.0km, 65m climb, 13 controls
 1. Mel Brown		M50	ind	28:14
    ----------colour award line----------

Orange - 2.6km, 80m climb, 15 controls
 1. Barnaby Warren		M10	NN	51:46
 2. Pat Malley		W65	NATO	64:14
    ----------colour award line----------
    Amy Brown		W16	ind	24:25 m2

Light Green - 3.3km, 140m climb, 14 controls
 1. Johnathan Malley		M12	NATO	48:30
 2. Steve Buckle		M21	ind	52:40
 3. Carole Firth		W55	NATO	56:49
 4. Eileen Bedwell		W70	CLOK	61:36
    ----------colour award line----------
 5. Amanda Bates		W21	CLOK	81:58

Green - 4.1km, 185m climb, 20 controls
 1. Jon Meeks		M21	CLOK	42:16
 2. Stephen Whitwood	M45	NATO	47:14
 3. Debby Warren		W40	NN	50:00
 4. Frank Major		M55	NN	52:14
 5. Mike Hardy		M65	CLOK	54:44
 6. Matthew Whitwood	M14	NATO	55:19
 7. Michael Hodgson		M60	CLOK	59:06
    ----------colour award line----------
 8. Alison Hodgson		W55	CLOK	68:25
 9. Roy Malley		M70	NATO	70:37
10. John Bedwell		M70	CLOK	74:18
11. Peter Firth		M55	NATO	74:28
    Julian Warren		M40	NN	35:37 m17

Norwegian - 6.0km, 255m climb, 21 controls
 1. Bob Cooper		M55	NN	60:52
 2. Gary Russell		M21	NN	63:26
 3. Michael Daehnn		M21	UNOC	70:06
 4. Martin Sims		M50	CLOK	71:03
    (note all competitors took the option of running with a map)
Planners / Oganisers comments - Rob McKenna (NN)
Thanks for all turning up to our inaugural use of the EMIT electronic punching system for an event.
Thanks also to the small band of club helpers that made the event run smoothly - Bob Cooper (registration),
Gary Russell (parking and control collecting), Dave Caudwell (Start / finish and control collecting) and
Boris Spence (computing and control setting).
The event was held on a Saturday because the club had intended to take part in the Cleveland Way relay on
the Sunday, but had to withdraw at the last minute.
Most people seemed to enjoy their run and I saw a lot of smiling faces at the finish, which makes all the
hard work worth while.
Parking down by the riverside and the start just within the estate walls seemed to work quite well and gave
a different dimension to those that had run on the area previously.
The EMIT system also worked quite well and thanks must go to Boris Spence for allowing the club to use the equipment
and also for looking after and running it for the event.
Electronic punching does open an area up and offers new possibilities for smaller areas.
I think that the output from EMIT rivals that of the Sport Ident system but EMIT does have a few drawbacks.
Mainly the lack of feedback to the competitor when 'punching' and also how to approach the control with the 'brick'.
Boris has been told that this is just a matter of confidence in using the 'brick'.
Unfortunately there are not many events that use this system so that you could become adept at its use.
We did have one disqualification, which I assume was for this very reason.

There is a slight problem with the split times and these may not be available until Monday evening.

The club is hoping to use the system again at the forthcoming relay event at Moor House, Durham - hope to see you there.

NEOA Colour Award Scheme
Members of NEOA may purchase the relevant colour badge on completion of three events,
finishing above the colour line (one may be from outside the NEOA area).
For further details, contact : Margaret Crosby, tel: 0191 2685449 

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