Princess Anne Park results - Wednesday, 30th April 2003
Event 3 in GNF Summer league

Long Course - 6.0km, 120m climb, 18 controls
1.  M Daehnn	M21	UNOC	42.35
2.  P Smyth	M45	NATO	46.10
3.  N Robson	M35	NATO	47.54
4.  C Bradford	M50	NATO	52.07
5.  A Berne	M35	NATO	53.10
6.  B Spence	M45	NN	58.29
7.  J Williams	M55	CLOK	58.42
8.  M Adamson	M60	CLOK	69.34
9.  P Davies	W45	NATO	73.05
10.  A Lumb	M21	NATO	76.50
11.  M Sheldon	M21	ind	80.22		
      M Hardy	M65	CLOK	74.38	Ctrl 14 missed
      S Russell	M45	NATO		Retired

Medium Course - 4.2km, 120m climb, 13 controls
1.   D Slade	M35	NATO	44.50	
2.   F Major	M55	NN	52.30
3.   R Pinkney	M65	NATO	58.30
4.   The Watsons		ind	74.00		
      S Cresswell	W40	CLOK		Retired
Short Course - 2.0km, 30m climb, 9 controls
1.   A Clarke	M45	ind	35.00	
2.   D Smyth	M12	NATO	41.33
3.   J Adamson	W55	CLOK	41.54
4.   A Jones	M60	ind	49.27

Organsisers comments - Dave Caudwell
My thanks are due to Michelle Leggoe of Sunderland City Council and Gary Haley of The Woodland Trust
for permission to use the area, which looked very attractive from the new (to us) car park in the Spring sunshine.
Unfortunately, the good weather also brought out some more unwelcome park users, and one of our control sites
was vandalised as a result of this, but I hope that this did not detract from your "enjoyment" of the event.

Thanks also to whoever found my lost roll of red tape and thoughtfully placed it on the kite cane at 136
broken fence end for me to collect later!

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