Northern Navigators Orienteering Club



Invite you to the annual Boxing Day Charity Score event at

Houghall Woods

Sunday, 26th December 2021


P R O V I S I O N A L   D E T A I L S


Travel :TBA
Parking :TBA
Registration :will be open from 10.00 till 10.50.    Start :  Mass start from 11.00.
Courses :This is to be 60 minute score event.
 Visit as many controls as you can, in any order, in the given time limit. All controls are worth 10 points with a 10 point penalty per minute or part of overtime. There may also be a 'wandering Santa' worth an additional 10 points if you can find him - further details on the day. The winner will be the person to get the most controls in the shortest time.
Fees :There are no set fees for this event, but suggested donations of seniors £2, juniors £1 would be welcome - or whatever you can afford.
 All proceeds are to go to a local charity - to be confirmed.
Start / finish :There will be a Mass start at 11.00. The start and finish will be adjacent to registration. Maps will be issued just before the start.
EPS :This event will use the EMIT TFP (Touch-Free Pro) electronic system. For security reasons the controls may be attached to the nearest fixed object to the control location - generally a tree. The Pro system is more reliable than the standard training boxes and can be passed faster. E-tags will be available free of charge on the day, but competitors will be charged for any loss. Unlike previous systems the E-tag is worn much like a wrist watch and needs to be passed within about 10-15cm of the control box, there is a small red LED on the E-tag which flashes for about 10 seconds indicating a successful pass - it will be your responsibility to check. There is no clear station for this system but the E-tag is cleared at the start control and stopped at the finish. There will be a sample control near registration for you to see the E-tag in action and instruction in the use of the system will be available on the day. Lost or non-returned E-tags will be charged at £55.
Terrain :Quite a mixture of terrain from urban, around the University grounds, to the delightful open mature deciduous woodland of Houghall Woods, to the flatter plains of the river Wear around East Durham College. NOTE - some parts of East Durham College are marked as Out of Bounds so please do not enter these areas. The woods can be fairly demanding both technically and physically, with some steep slopes which at this time of the year can be quite slippy, please take care. Houghall Woods are also well used by local residents, so please try to be courteous.
Map :

The event will use the Houghall Woods Permanent Course map. Drawn at 1:7500 with 5m contours (A4) by Rob McKenna in 2013 using LIDAR data and based on previous maps by Dave Caudwell. The map was updated to ISOM2017 and modified in Nov 2019 with minor mods for this event. The area was last used Dec 2019. Maps will be overprinted with course on waterproof paper. A sample map will be on display at registration.

Please note that the fence dividing Durham University Estates and East Durham College can only be crossed at marked crossing points shown on the map. This fence is overprinted with a thick purple line.

Control desc :Control descriptions will be in IOF pictorial format and will be on the front of the map. They will be available to download nearer the event - there will be NO loose descriptions available on the day. Click here for a copy of the IOF control descriptions.
Facilities :Unfortunately there are no public facilities near the parking area, please try to go before you come to the event.
 There will be no water available at the finish - please bring your own supply.
Dogs :Dogs will be allowed but under close control - please clean up after your dog especially in the parking area.
Results :Full results will be posted on the NN website -

If you require a paper copy of the results, please leave your details at registration with 50p to cover postage.

Officials :Organiser - Boris Spence, email
 Planner - tba
 Controller - tba