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Comments & team results

Planner's comments - Rob McKenna

Hamsterley Common is not one of the most technical areas and although it is a heather moorland its run-ability is quite varied. The heather is managed by the estate for shooting purposes and is cut in rotation to give the birds some new shoots on which to feed and some older, deeper heather for cover. The northern slopes do seem to have the worst of the heather at the moment, mainly in the re-entrants, which may have made the going a bit tough, particularly for some of the older, less able competitors.

The plan was to have all the courses use the southern slopes first, where there are a number of re-entrants, small streams, trees and boulders that would give enough features to allow different first controls for all the courses. Then get competitors over to the northern slope and finish along the grassy area just north of the start for some courses. Most of the courses were contained in the area roughly to the east of the line of shooting butts, but the two longer courses ventured way out west to the South Grain Beck, which meant a tedious long slog to get back to anything interesting.

There were a lot of controls on that southern slope, but for those that may have complained about which re-entrant they were looking for, I thought that the trees were a very easy navigation feature - some may say too easy. It was debatable whether they should have been on the map, but ultimately it was the orange course which determined that they should be. This course proved the most difficult one to plan as there are few line features to act as handrails, but I wanted the juniors to feel part of the competition rather than have a separate course in the forest for them. Unfortunately they did have one tough leg, having to struggle though about 60m of rough heather half way round their course.

The weather made a big difference to the event on the day, as it had not been that good over the past few weeks, ranging from snow to sunshine. Rain, wind and mist would certainly have made a big difference in how you approached your course.

The comments I heard at download were quite varied - the tough going in the heather seemed to be a major factor for some - almost unavoidable on any heather moorland, especially if you want to get into the interesting areas. Visibility of controls was another, but in my defence I tried not to 'hide' the kites where possible, particularly in the deeper heather. There were also a few comments relating to the courses being too easy, but after reviewing the results I think that the winning times are just about right, although I think that the Green courses could have possibly been a little bit longer.

Many thanks to Chris Dicken for his helpful guidance, patience and understanding during the planning process. Also to Julian Warren for his thorough control checking on the moor. I hope you all enjoyed your day out at Hamsterley, well done to the winning teams in the competition and good luck in the final.


Controller's Comments - Chris Dicken (CLARO)

Whilst only taking on the controller's job a few weeks before the event it has been a pleasure working with Rob. He had the courses well planned and, whilst there are always small points to amend and bits of advice to give, my job was made so much easier by his experience, friendliness and attention to detail. A couple of weeks before the event I went down with another virus. My thanks therefore also go to Julian Warren who kindly checked all the controls on the Saturday for me, a not insignificant task.

There were a very few comments on the day regarding the tough terrain, which a heather moorland always is, but I don't think the courses were over long (I certainly hope not). There were also one or two comments about the visibility of a few controls - again I think unavoidable on such an area - better in my opinion than "hidden" controls. However the overwhelming majority of comments were very favourable and competitors obviously enjoyed not only the challenge, but also running on such a beautiful area. Credit to Rob.

Northern Navigators are a small club, but Boris had the organisation well under control and as far as I could see there were no issues from that point of view. Well done to all the volunteers who helped out on the day.

Of course we were lucky and blessed with much better than expected weather ( it could have been pretty grim on the top under different conditions). This really helped the overall atmosphere of the day, which I consider a great success

I hope you all enjoyed this Compass Sport Cup heat - whether your team won or not.


Organiser's Comments - Boris Spence

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Team results

CompassSport Cup
CompassSport Trophy

Course 1, BROWN, Men open, 10.9km, 250m

...Brown splits

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Mark Bown CLOK M35 67:01
2nd Peter Bray CLOK M21 67:50
3rd Ben Stevens AIRE M21 72:51
4th Jonny Malley EBOR M21 73:19
5th David Alcock AIRE M35 73:31
6th Nigel Wright NN M40 85:16
7th Nick Green NATO M40 87:25
8th Chris Stafford NATO M21 87:56
9th Francis Shillitoe NATO M40 89:18
10th Gordon Urquhart AIRE M35 90:45
n/c Adam Poole RAFO M21 94:53
11th Jack Cooper AIRE M21 95:33
12th Robert Gatenby AIRE M35 100:02
13th Jonathan Whitaker CLARO M50 104:16
14th Richard Foster AIRE M21 105:55
15th Ross Marshall-Ivens NN M35 113:11
16th Graham Ramsden CLARO M50 123:42
17th Mark Hewson CLARO M45 138:14
18th James Boyd NATO M21 169:25
m6-22 Leon Foster AIRE M21 70:05
m12-22 Stuart Fraser EBOR M21 93:47

Course 2, SHORT BROWN, M20- M40+, 8.9km, 200m

...Short Brown splits

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Aidan Rigby CLOK M18 55:45
2nd Alun Powell AIRE M45 65:20
3rd Rowan Capper EBOR M20 67:29
4th Charles Mayes CLOK M45 69:10
5th Mark Mon-Williams AIRE M50 69:29
6th Adrian Parker CLARO M45 72:31
7th Neil Conway AIRE M45 73:24
8th= David Bowman AIRE M40 74:54
8th= Nathan Parker CLARO M18 74:54
10th Andrew Windrum EBOR M40 77:41
11th Edwyn Oliver-Evans CLARO M20 81:17
12th Andrew Farnworth EBOR M50 83:20
13th Jon Phizacklea NATO M40 93:56
14th Paul Boyles NATO M40 101:01
15th Graeme Addison CLOK M45 114:47
16th Sam Avis AIRE M20 121:18
17th Phill Newton CLOK M45 124:58
rtd Michael Thompson NN M40  
m11-17 Richard Rigby CLOK M45 106:22

Course 3, BLUE (W), Women open, 6.9km, 155m

...Blue (W) Splits

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Alice Rigby CLOK W18 60:49
2nd Hanne Kinnunen CLOK W21 60:57
3rd Laura King AIRE W16 63:06
4th Lucy Haines AIRE W16 64:51
5th Rebecca Mon-Williams AIRE W45 69:11
n/c Katherine Bett SN W20 70:35
6th Joanna Abbott NATO W35 70:37
7th Kate Hampshire NN W45 77:15
8th Kirsty Davies-Walters NATO W21 78:13
9th Penny Bickle EBOR W35 80:49
10th Philippa Graham NATO W40 85:04
11th Jemima Parker CLARO W45 85:26
12th Susan Birtwistle CLARO W55 86:41
13th Natasha Conway AIRE W40 86:53
14th Beth Woodley AIRE W21 94:45
15th Helene Whitaker CLARO W50 97:18
16th Katherine Crosby NATO W40 103:05
17th Victoria Todd EBOR W35 115:12
18th Vicky Tucker CLOK W40 124:43
19th Diane Mayes CLOK W40 127:20

Course 4, BLUE (M), M50+, 7.1km, 155m

...Blue (M) splits

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Steve Webb AIRE M50 49:15
2nd Alastair Mackenzie CLOK M55 54:15
3rd Steve Corrigan EBOR M55 59:24
4th Graham Capper EBOR M55 62:56
5th George Hare NATO M50 65:12
6th Vince Grealy CLARO M50 65:20
7th Ian Marshall AIRE M50 67:01
8th Scott Watson NN M50 68:11
9th Peter Jones AIRE M55 68:49
10th Patrick Smyth NATO M55 69:22
11th William Hickson CLARO M50 69:32
12th Martyn Dean CLOK M55 70:05
13th Christopher Wright CLOK M55 71:01
14th Peter Avis AIRE M50 72:15
15th Chris Bradford NATO M65 74:26
16th Peter Jones AIRE M55 74:44
17th David Gugan CLARO M55 77:54
18th Stephen Fry CLARO M50 79:44
19th Andrew Clark EBOR M50 81:40
20th David Murphy CLOK M50 84:07
21st John Birtwistle CLARO M55 84:31
22nd Chris Petre CLOK M50 91:34
23rd Paul Jameson NATO M60 92:51
24th Allen Banister CLARO M55 94:32
25th Timothy Evans CLARO M50 106:37
26th Jeremy Lakey NATO M55 112:24
dns rtd Phill Batts CLOK M50  

Course 5, GREEN (W), W20- W45+, 4.4km, 105m

...Green (W) splits

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Jill Libby CLOK W55 41:33
2nd Ann Cranke CLOK W55 42:30
3rd Sue Metcalfe NATO W45 48:00
4th Liz Potterton CLARO W55 48:10
5th Lindsey King AIRE W50 53:42
6th Debby Warren NN W50 54:28
7th Louise Dunn EBOR W55 54:35
8th Jane Malley NATO W50 58:18
9th Wendy Taylor CLOK W55 61:23
10th Valerie Gilleard AIRE W55 61:33
11th Carolyn Rigby CLOK W45 61:47
12th Mary Rack NATO W55 67:06
13th Caroline Mackenzie CLOK W50 72:50
14th Amanda Cooper EBOR W45 74:40
15th Maja While CLARO W50 75:44
16th Marion Bowman AIRE W45 76:21
17th Jean Sinclair AIRE W50 90:08
18th Elisabeth Sidebotham NATO W50 91:45
rtd Anne Lakey NATO W55  
m7 Karen Clark EBOR W60 46:32
m2 Arthur Clarke CLARO M65 71:04

Course 6, GREEN (M), M60+, 4.5km, 105m

...Green (M) splits

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Steve Whitehead EBOR M60 37:24
2nd Peter Haines AIRE M60 38:08
3rd Mike Hind CLARO M60 39:58
4th Alasdair Wilson Craw NATO M60 40:57
5th Tony Thornley AIRE M65 41:26
6th Adrian Barnes NATO M60 42:08
7th Stan Appleton CLARO M65 44:43
8th Howard Sawyer AIRE M60 45:02
9th Tony Carlyle AIRE M60 45:08
10th Roger Lott AIRE M65 47:13
11th Paul Taylor CLOK M65 47:41
12th Jeff Harris EBOR M60 50:02
13th Geoffrey Hensman CLARO M65 50:49
14th Roy Bradley CLOK M65 53:05
15th Bref O'Rourke CLOK M60 53:46
16th Charlie Wilson NATO M60 55:08
17th Mike Cope CLARO M65 56:35
18th Peter O'Connell EBOR M60 58:56
19th David Lloyd EBOR M60 58:59
20th Fred Miller NATO M60 59:07
21st Ian Robson EBOR M65 61:25
22nd Richard Clark EBOR M65 62:09
23rd Chris Burden AIRE M65 62:38
24th Tim Moon CLARO M65 63:29
25th Steve Beverley NATO M60 74:00
26th Bob Richardson NATO M60 74:37
27th Alan Cranke CLOK M60 81:09
w1 Mike Ridealgh EBOR M65 50:01
m1-2 Graham Todd EBOR M65 62:39

Course 7, Short GREEN (V), M70+ W60+, 3.6km, 70m

...Short Green (V) splits

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Bob Cooper NN M70 29:49
2nd Allen Barnes CLARO M70 32:13
3rd Andrew Nicoll NATO M70 34:47
4th Barrie Speake EBOR M70 35:24
5th Helen Gardner EBOR W65 36:01
6th Sue Stevens AIRE W60 37:01
7th Jill Smith EBOR W60 37:49
8th Tom Crowther AIRE M75 37:51
9th Patricia Davies NATO W60 39:56
10th Jackie Barnes CLARO W65 44:31
n/c Nev Myers EBOR M55 44:53
11th Gill Ross AIRE W65 46:55
12th Hilary Allen AIRE W70 48:21
13th Fred Ross AIRE M70 48:47
14th Christine Roberts EBOR W65 50:57
15th Joan Selby CLOK W70 54:00
16th Alison Hodgson CLOK W65 54:12
17th Celia Dean CLOK W55 57:18
18th Mike Hardy CLOK M75 59:00
19th Robert Ian Robb CLOK M75 59:48
20th Clarissa Napier CLOK W75 60:59
21st Eileen Bedwell CLOK W80 62:08
22nd Annette Egan NATO W60 62:44
23rd Peter Firth NATO M70 63:56
24th R Johnson NN M70 63:59
25th Judith Hind CLARO W60 66:08
26th Gill Hardy CLOK W75 66:12
27th Dave Allison CLOK M75 67:13
28th David Harbour CLARO M75 71:43
29th Helen Rafferty NATO W70 79:04
30th Carole Firth NATO W70 80:11
31st Judith Robb CLOK W70 84:06
32nd Janet Todd EBOR W60 89:38
rtd Lindsey Hensman CLARO W65  
rtd Jo Thornley AIRE W65  
m4 Barry Harrison CLOK M75 44:13

Course 8A, GREEN (JM), M18-, 4.5km, 105m

...Green (JM) splits

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Ruaridh Mon-Williams AIRE M18 32:36
2nd Luke Parker CLARO M16 40:03
3rd Miles Gilleard AIRE M18 57:38
4th Ben Gugan CLARO M18 61:33
5th Thomas Athey NATO M18 61:40
6th Alex Farnworth EBOR M18 133:30

Course 8B, Short GREEN (JW), W18-, 3.6km, 70m

...Short Green (JW) splits

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Tara Schwarze EBOR W16 28:47
2nd Rebecca Aspin CLOK W16 32:56
3rd Saskia Warren NN W16 34:26
4th Roxanne Siadat NATO W18 49:51
5th Emily Cooper EBOR W16 52:29
6th Aoife Lakey NATO W16 61:44
7th Elizabeth Dean CLOK W16 65:26

Course 9A, ORANGE (JM), M14-, 2.8km, 55m

...Orange (JM) splits

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Thomas Aspin CLOK M14 21:24
2nd Joseph Metcalfe NATO M14 29:20
3rd Adam Powell AIRE M12 31:28
4th Luke Fry CLARO M12 33:17
5th Kian Siadat NATO M14 35:06
6th Joseph Green NATO M14 35:47

Course 9B, ORANGE (JW), W14-, 2.8km, 55m

...Orange (JW) splits

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Anika Schwarze EBOR W14 21:55
2nd Eve Conway AIRE W14 24:57
3rd Alexandra Hare NATO W14 26:49
4th Eve Whitaker CLARO W12 26:51
5th Jeneba Wright NN W14 26:56
6th Alexis Whitaker CLARO W12 27:39
7th Lois Parker CLARO W14 30:28
8th Livia Wright CLOK W14 36:19
9th Maya Wright NN W12 37:43
10th Amy Bowman AIRE W14 45:52
11th Hannah Brown NATO W12 50:31

Course 10, L.GREEN, 3.4km, 85m

...L.Green splits

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Dan Rhodes IND M45 31:42
2nd Ian Peerless CLOK M55 40:48
3rd Martin Adamson CLOK M70 46:02
4th Michael Cleverdon IND M35 48:45
5th Stephen Hopper CLOK M55 50:39
6th Rachel Dawber IND W40 54:11
7th Kim Sanderson NATO W40 61:44
rtd Sam Rhodes-Dawber IND M10  
m7-8 Christine Hayes CLARO W55 87:27

Course 11, YELLOW, 2.3km, 25m

...Yellow splits

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Sam Rhodes-Dawber IND M10 22:07
2nd Benja Lanber IND M12 27:48
3rd Ben Sanderson NATO M10 29:29
4th Oliver Windrum EBOR M10 32:48
5th Oscar Sanderson NATO M10 33:57
6th Poppy Josline IND W12 68:30
7th Annika Graham IND W12 69:23
8th Helen Edwards IND W12 71:30
m2-7 m9-13 Billy Reed IND M12 53:47

Course 12, WHITE, 1.4km, 25m

...White splits

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Yolanda Wright NN W10 15:07
2nd Katie Monro IND W7 26:58
3rd Evan Jones IND M3 31:25
dns Skye Cleverton IND W5  
m5 Heather Monro UDOC W40 13:23